#05 and #06 – Emily and Surveillance Drone 0024

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A fairly typical agent of the NMSA (Nanopartical Mass Suppression Agency), Emily Granger serves as a Liason Officer in a local high school. Her job is to record the destruction of nanoparticle ooze, and see that scholarship money and other rewards are given out accordingly. She’s also tasked with seeking out particularly talented students who might be interested in joining the NMSA. A basically uncomplicated person, Emily sees her job as protecting the students involved in hunting slime, and membership in the NMSA as the highest thing a hunter can aspire to. She occasionally gets irritated with the decisions of her superiors, which she sees as frustratingly random, but for the most part, she’s a loyal, even dull, agent.

Agents are assigned specific nanoparticle cores depending on their job. As Emily’s job requires her to keep tabs on student, she was assigned a Surveillance Drone. 0024 is an absolutely typical version of this type of core, completely unmodified from default. Generally speaking, the core a person chooses to use says a lot about the person who uses it, and in this case, the dutiful adherance to rules and regulations, regardless of any use that might be had from further modification, speaks volumes about Emily’s attitude.

The keywords I received for this design were Geometric, Humanoid, Four Legs, Choming Jaws, Scrying, and Bulldog Mouth. I was more selective than before when deciding what to use, but I made an effort to incorporate everything that I could. I’m actually rather fond of the Surveillance Drone in this case, but then I love blocky little robots. Heck, my favorite Pokemon is Metagross. ^^b

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