#06 – General Mister Whiskerkins

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There is a world where the soul’s existence has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, and it turns out that it’s distributed unevenly among species; in other words, some people don’t have souls, but some cats do, most elephants, a few dolphins, and so on. In fact, that’s become the definition of humanity. If you kill a soulless person, nobody cares, in fact most people agree it’s the most humane thing to do; step on a beetle with a soul, that’s execution for your ass. Overall, this society is pretty peaceful. This is largely due to their general, a kitten with a highly advanced soul named Mister Whiskerkins.

“Give the command, General Mister Whiskerkins. Is it to be peace or war?”

The kitten falls on its side, purring and cleaning itself. It is adorable.

“Peace again! We love you Mister Whiskerkins.”


“Sorry, General Mister Whiskerkins, Sir.”

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