#6 – Dreyja

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Tall, elegant, intelligent, Dreyja frequently attracts attention wherever she goes, for good and for bad. This attention only increases when Dreyja reveals that she is magically active.

A trained Sorceress, Dreyja’s parents sent her to learn and hone her skills soon after she became magically active at the age of 10. The move was as much for Dreyja’s safety as for her parents, as her uncontrolled magical abilities posed a potential threat to her parents and to the community, along with the deep-seated distrust of magic users in some parts of society for “perverting nature”.

After a rocky first few months, Dreyja discovered a passion for learning, and threw herself into her studies, quickly becoming an accomplished sorceress. By the time she was 17, she was able to read and cast complex spells, but was beginning to chafe at the limitations of life within the school’s walls. Upon turning 18, Dreyja was given the choice to leave the school or to become a Sorcerer’s apprentice to continue her studies. Dreyja chose to leave, to explore and see the world she’ d read so much about in books. Now, disguising herself as a scholar, Dreyja travels extensively, documenting every step of her journey, determined to create a tome that explains the vast intricacies of all the lands.

While very much an academic, Dreyja has a keen ear for culture and conversation. Now 20, she is an apt conversationalist and has a quiet confidence that seems out-of-place on such a young woman. She is absolutely driven to see her goal to fruition, even with the dangers that it brings.

Frequently laconic in speech, Dreyja will never use ten words when three will do. Giving and kind to children, she has a vengeful nature, and still bristles at the religious leaders she blames for forcing her to leave her home as a child under threat to her and her family’s lives. Whereas many races of the realm bear various grudges against one another, she finds much of the squabbling and fighting between groups idly amusing. She can seem cold and antiseptic to some, but there is a deep warmth to her personality hidden just underneath the surface.

Tall and thin, she threatens some by her simple presence, her slender face, speckled with freckles and light brown skin gives away her origin to most, increasing her “exotic” seeming qualities to many of the people she visits.


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