Day 6: Moss

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the faun

((We interpret the previous storyline to develop an older one))

Despite Fig’s pranks/tendencies constantly occupying everyone’s attention, He is not the only faun in existence. Fauns are  guardians of the forest and each one is master over a  fairly large territory, some having whole forests to themselves.  However, fauns are herd-like creatures and those with territories close to each other are considered to be in the same pack. During mating seasons, females would seek out the males.

Moss is a local faun that protects a valley within a nearby mountain. Moss is very much a traditional Fawn in nature meaning that she is sharp-tongued and tending to palter. She knows that she is clever and uses her quick wit at any and every moment, such that her plots are so crude (and sometimes deeply cruel) that it makes Fig’s look like a tap on the hand.

Due to the attention she receives from Fig, Moss has a special hard-on for Twig and takes an opportunity to torment her. Twig, who already has some confidence issues, obviously does not respond well to Moss’s present. Also, do to her guarding habits and living in the mountains for months, Moss does not care for humans and is quick to bad mouth them.

Moss, due to her beauty and the animal instincts within them, thinks she is a great catch and believes that courting Fig will be easy peasy.  Meanwhile, Fig is trying to find the best PC way of telling her she is a b***h and rather hump a moldy log. Fig calls her Moss because she is unwanted and really hard to get rid off. Moss, of course, took it as a cute pet name.

Moss’s design is based off of the Rocky Mountain Goat.

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