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“I’m fierce like a tiger~ fast like a flea!”

#7 Alice Lench

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Alice was an ordinary young woman who lost the use of her legs in a car accident as a teenager.  She now works from home as a graphic designer.  She’s not happy with her life but it is the only life she’s known

#5 Pia

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Fancy turtle-like lady

Characters 1 through 8 (-ish)

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“Brain” I said “What the hell? I thought we had the setting planned. Come November first, you were suppose to start creating characters. It’s been eight days.” “Well, you know…” Brain replied with a shrug, or the cerebral equivalent of it, “… the thing is, the more I thought about it the less… original …it seemed. I mean struggling to survive after a Disco Apocalypse sounds pretty interesting as a setting, but when you break it down, it kinda’ ends up feeling like a rehash of the last idea that I posted. A bunch of people fighting another bunch people.” “So what now, o creative one?” I asked. The reply was a drawing of an eel wearing headgear and a belt with a sword & scabbard wedged into it.

“That’s an eel wearing headgear and a belt with a sword & scabbard wedged into it.” was my rather obvious response.

“Hear me out” said Brain, “That’s not just any random eel wearing headgear and what have you. His name is Christiæn. He’s the warlord of a collection of schools living to the North-West of… someplace in the sea. He’s good enough with the sword to have carved his way to where he is now, but also intelligent enought to be the first to deveop a sense of what’s happening.”

“What exactly is happening?” I asked. “I don’t know,” said Brain “but whatever it is, it cost him his son and second in command, Matheus. Something of a tragedy too. The poor kid had such potential. An unparalelled tactician. However, the death of Matheus is what gave Jooris, a sea slug of rather lowly origins a chance of a lifetime. Whether he uses it or not remains to be seen.”

“Alright… so why are you drawing an armored great white shark?”

“Arethusa. Matriarch of the Southern-ish-region, kinda’… She spent her early life as a mercenary, but somewhere during the near-continuous wars she found herself leading a formidably sized school. A decent number of her ex-opponents were quick to judge her by her appearance. She’s one of the first leaders to consider Christiæn’s claims of what might be happening. She does not, however, act on those considerations directly, due to web-like nature of the balance of power between the warring schools.”

“Web-like balance of power?”

“Web-like balance of power.  Complicating things are the complex definition of territories.  For some, it’s purely physical locations, for other, it involves magnetic fields, some define their territory by currents, some by the deposits on the ocean floor.

As things stand, the different schools have fought themselves to something of an n-way standstill where n is of an equal or greater value than three. Anywho next up is-“

“An octopus wielding… sickles?”

“An octopus weilding six sickles and one shield. Enghel. Leader of a school of master assassins. The armor, eyepatch and weapons are all a part of an act though. If it needs be, he can blend into the environment like nobody’s business. He’s convinced that something is … off… due to the behaviors of Christiæn & Arethusa. Two of his underlings, Engel and Goossen have gone missing. They will be discovered in various states of insanity, getting worse with time, before they die under mysterious circumstances. Goossen’s attempts at communication almost implicates-“

“A hammerhead shark in a Darth Vader mask?”

“Pauweline. Leads a nomadic school of hammerheads. Unparalled with a sword. She and her ilk have a sixth sense, of sorts. Nothing too precise, but it’s enough to save their skin quite a few times. She has something of a history with Gerardus.”

“Would that be the Jellyfish or the Pomfret?”

“The Pomfret. Living up to his name, he is pretty good with the spear he carries around. Atleast two of the major scars you seen on him were due toe Pauweline. Aside from that, he functions best under pressure. During times when peace seemed imminent, he was prepared to retire to a life of farming. He’s the last of the group to be affected by whatever it is that is happening.

The Jellyfish, Lord Bertholmeeus, as you can see, was hideously disfigured sometime in the past. Almost half of his body is covered in an armored shell, with blade tipped chains where the tentacles used to be. I believe he will be the first one to die in the story.”

“There’s a story?”

“Ofcourse, it makes the process of character creation a little smoother.”

“Characters like the body-painted nunchaku wielding spider-crab.”

“Yep. Wylyame. Started off as a loner, and eventually developed a following amongst the area where he was staying. He’s not exactly fond of being dragged into the politics, and couldn’t care less about the other schools fighting amongst themselves. He is the third of the leaders to unofficially support Christiæn.”

“And the tattooed Coelacanth?”

“Perceval. A berserker by trade, currently rules the Western bits. There’s a decent amount of argument regarding the mental facilities of Perceval. One group prefers to argue he’s a lucky individual to survive battles, rushing head first into frays the way he does. The other group argues that at times he seems a bit too lucky, and most of the battles that involve his feats of berserker rage are intentionaly picked and/or arranged for such outcomes. Either way, his reputation makes him a living legend amongst his schoools, regeardless of what the reality of things might be. Anyways, that should bring up the character count to eight, not counting minor characters like Matheus, Jooris, Engel, Goossen and Bob-“


“Yes, Bob, the indescribable horror from the great beyond, the eye with a thousand sores and what have you.”


“The story, man. You have different schools fighting amongst themselves, and slowly things start happening. Nightmares. Whispers at the edge of consciousness. The usual Lovecraftian bits. At fist the schools start blaming each other.  Eventually most of them realize the scope of the situation,  band together, and try to deal with it.

Uneasy alliances will be forged, friends will become frenemies, etc.”

“And then?”

“I have no idea.  For the time being, I am off into the cold embrace of the night. I think I’ll let things roast in their own juices for a while. See what develops. Goodnight.”

True story.


Day 7: Devil’s Advocate

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Everyone needs a good defense, even the Big D, the Star of the Morning, the Son of Perdition. And when he needs the best legal council, he gets the best in the business. She isn’t cheap, but she’ll mount a good case, and get even the Prince of Darkness off the hook to play another day.


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#7 Cranio

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A genius mutant fish who wishes to see the world and solve all of its problems.

#6 – Contemplative Crowned Sphinx

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Reclining Sphinx

DAY SEVEN: Black Mamboo

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NAME: Black Mamboo
SECRET IDENTITY: Modeste Delphine
POWERS: A dancer in life, Modeste was destined for fame and fortune until her great-grandmother’s ghost began visiting her in the dead of night, calling her to be a Voudon high priestess. Modeste tried her best to ignore the apparition, but the old crone was too powerful, too insistent. Modeste tried to leave new Orleans to avoid this unwanted path, but her bus was struck by a train, killing her and everyone else on board. Ironically, on her death all the powers she didn’t want in life awakened and kept her from passing on to eternal rest.

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#5 Meredith

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11/07/2012: Prance Vichard, Human Syndicate Enforcer

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NAME: Prance Vichard  SPECIES: Human  ORIGIN: Zyntradi Commonwealth

Once an all-star Entropy Player on a proudly all-human team, Prance stubbornly refused to take a fall during an important match. In retaliation, Zero Syndicate goons ambushed him while he was celebrating and cut off his leg with mono-filament wire. Refusing to get back into the game and offer his opponents handicap points due to his cybernetics, Prance retired. After several years wallowing in anger, Prance found his pension running thin. Out of options, he hired himself as muscle to a local bookie. After his employer was murdered by Zero Syndicate goons, Prance was given the choice of either working for the syndicate or to join his employer in the Undercity maintenance chasms. Choosing the former, Prance now works for the very agency that took his dreams of being a legendary athlete. Biding his time, Prance does their bidding while he plots for revenge.

Model designed in TinkerCAD and sculptris, 3d printed on a Makerbot Replicator and hand painted in water-based acrylics.

Day 7: Dr. Bop

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A former professional wrestler that was banned from the sport for not sticking to the script and at times pummeling his opponent to a pulp. Bop was last seen in a cameo working as a bouncer at Club Alternative (see Alternative City #0 ). In the future expect to see the 400 pound man-child in upcoming issues of Otis Wonder Investigations. It is Dr. Bop’s face that I use on the AC comics logo just because he’s such a handsome fella.

#7 FarX

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No #07 Female warrior

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Female warrior


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Happy November!

#06-Mr. Mapache

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Mr. Mapache is out to dominate the entire raccoon colony-with plans to eliminate man-kind as well. He is the arch-nemesis to Racoona, and will stop at nothing until he reaches his goals.


#7 Mad Rat Mad

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Names: Mad Rat Mad

Place of origin: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Occupation: Violent criminal

Legal status: Wanted criminal in the USA

Identity: Publicly known

Marital status: Divorced (I’m sure there’s a story behind that)

Known relatives: Mad scientist “father” Dr. Whistler

Group affiliation: Currently none. Has repeatedly worked as a lieutenant for other supercriminals

Base of operations: Various. Usually within the USA

History: Mad Rat Mad was built in the late nineteenth century by a mad scientist named Doctor Whistler, who was inspired by the work of Doctor Frankenstein. Continue Reading

#3 Tiffany

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#3 Tiffany

My third entry. Tiffany is a character from a short horror comic I´m working on, written by Danny Djeljosevic (@djeljosevic).

#7_ Faulkzie

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#7- The Crow

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#7 Garry Gecko

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Garry was thisclose to getting that Geico gig.

#7 Elliot Theodore

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I was watching old funny clips of Toy Story when I decided to draw this one… His power is within his own mind and depth of his creativity! (:

#7 Musician of the Ketacc

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Over a millennium ago, the realm of the reptilian Ketacc stretched from one end of the continent to the other, their power unmatched.  Tretc Athessk, like many of his species, remembers their empire’s fall at the hands of the upstart humans, still in the adolescence of their civilization.  He holds no grudge, though.  The Ketaccs’ curious biology and almost limitless natural lifespan has granted them a rational, forgiving view of the world around them, knowing that they have all the time they need to achieve greatness once again.  Tretc has devoted himself to learning and perfecting the art of music, and lives simply in a small community of Ketacc who busy themselves with unpretentious art and practical invention.  Only time will reveal to the younger races whether the Ketacc are content with their lives…or simply waiting for the right moment to retake power.

Today I learned scales are tough to convey with my limited knowledge of Photoshop.  Time to do some lizard studies!

Lazy Panda

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Just hanging out and seeing what comes by.

Day 6: whiskey wizard … Day 7 redonkeyless ness-ness

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catch up day!

Day 7: Audrey

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The Vet

Audrey is a veterinarian who works closely with the local Wildlife Federation. She has a ridiculously busy schedule, altering between caring for any creatures the forest rangers pull in and documenting any diseases/injuries

she witnesses why patrolling the woods.

On one of her late night patrols, she came across Fig. After a long conversation with Snitch and understanding that she has not gone completely insane, she has built a comfortable working relationship with the faun. She often questions him about the animals and their health, knowing that the ancient creature would understand them better.

Though she knew Fig first, she has become close bosom buddies with Twig. The two talk to each other about their life woes and have found that they can give each other good advice. They also trade medical techniques, Twig with her witch herbal remedies and Audrey with her modern medicine.

Audrey has a continuing crush on Snitch, one that has fallen into a depression now that she had been told that she was not Snitch’s “type” if you know what I mean.

#7 Loonar

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Day 7: Small Girl

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Day 6: Shadow It

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