#5 Jeanken Stein

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Jean is a sophisticated creature born out of an experiment that was successfully completed. Mixed with part
monkey, part Gorilla, part prime minister, Part Mad Scientist, and Part British Noble Man, Jean is the only
experiment Dr. Leandros has been able to create right.

Jean is ultra-intelligent calculating faster than most computers  and coming up with many solutions
to complex problems, sometimes maniacal (part of his nature). Jean can control his instincts most of the time
even when he is annoyed by Leandro’s constant examination and questions. Jean is self-conscious about his
appearance because he realized how hideous he looks, but then he remembers how he is the only creature
smart enough for planet earth. Jean hates bananas, loves go-carts for some reason, loves puzzles, grape juice,
the smell or newsprint in the morning, chamomile Tea, Pipe smoking, Leandro’s library collection, Chemistry
sets, Blue pens, and guacamole among other things. He does not like pancakes, and certain humans like his
creator. Jean has just begun exploring his new life, we will find out how good or evil he will be

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