#6 P.D.Q.

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“Catch me if you can… oh wait no one can!”— spoken right before his first arrest by a superhero…


Name: Patrick Desmond Quimby

Unlike the previous characters I’ve posted P.D.Q. was not manipulated, lied to, or forced into doing evil, he’s just a thug with powers.  In his case super-speed.  He can run faster than the speed of sound, run straight up wall, run across water, cause mini tornadoes by running in circles, the usual.  He can also swip his arm at super sonic speeds, releasing a focused sonic boom he can direct as a blast of concussive force.  He specialized in robbery.  He had already been engaged in criminal behavior when the evil politician (and I will be getting to this guy, still working on specifics) came to him in prison to offer him a taste of real power.  He jumped at the chance and never looked back.

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