#7 Musician of the Ketacc

| November 7, 2012 | 1 Comment

Over a millennium ago, the realm of the reptilian Ketacc stretched from one end of the continent to the other, their power unmatched.  Tretc Athessk, like many of his species, remembers their empire’s fall at the hands of the upstart humans, still in the adolescence of their civilization.  He holds no grudge, though.  The Ketaccs’ curious biology and almost limitless natural lifespan has granted them a rational, forgiving view of the world around them, knowing that they have all the time they need to achieve greatness once again.  Tretc has devoted himself to learning and perfecting the art of music, and lives simply in a small community of Ketacc who busy themselves with unpretentious art and practical invention.  Only time will reveal to the younger races whether the Ketacc are content with their lives…or simply waiting for the right moment to retake power.

Today I learned scales are tough to convey with my limited knowledge of Photoshop.  Time to do some lizard studies!

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Student, wage slave, and aspiring comic book artist. My main influences are offbeat fantasy and the less-explored parts of history.

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  1. Oh, I DO have a soft spot for reptilians. And the suggestion of scales here is perfect- sometimes you don’t want to overshadow the emotion of a character like this underneath meticulous scutes and scales. Well done!

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