#7- The Crow

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Category: 2012, Fantasy, Horror, Scifi

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I am a 26 year old business student. I work at a Target as a cart attendant and I'm worth 50 points if a car hits me. Also, I'm a lvl 90 Paladin.... and a lvl 90 rogue (who still hasn't been banned due to her 'elvish' name.) I love to read and doodle. But mostly I love costumes. I have a wall of hair, a GIANT tote of costumes, and suitcases full of fabric. I've dressed up as comic characters to campy sci-fi chicks, to my own creations that cause double takes. I really enjoy drawing fantasy woman. And most of them end up with horns. I guess they're all rather horny... XD It also seems that there is no Tumblr link yet so here's that --> http://thejabberwokk.tumblr.com/ I re-blog a lot of NSFW stuff, so you've been warned.

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  1. This is a cool, regal character. Is he missing a wing? If so, that’s so tragic- and a great touch!

    • Thanks so much. And yeah, he’s missing his right wing. I’m not sure on his back story yet though. But so far, he’s my fav character, then my Lunulata(octopus-ish) dude lol)

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