Day 7: Audrey

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The Vet

Audrey is a veterinarian who works closely with the local Wildlife Federation. She has a ridiculously busy schedule, altering between caring for any creatures the forest rangers pull in and documenting any diseases/injuries

she witnesses why patrolling the woods.

On one of her late night patrols, she came across Fig. After a long conversation with Snitch and understanding that she has not gone completely insane, she has built a comfortable working relationship with the faun. She often questions him about the animals and their health, knowing that the ancient creature would understand them better.

Though she knew Fig first, she has become close bosom buddies with Twig. The two talk to each other about their life woes and have found that they can give each other good advice. They also trade medical techniques, Twig with her witch herbal remedies and Audrey with her modern medicine.

Audrey has a continuing crush on Snitch, one that has fallen into a depression now that she had been told that she was not Snitch’s “type” if you know what I mean.

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