Specter of Malice

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.There is an old saying passed between hushed lips that only the blackest souls of the deceased never cross over, because the very sins they committed while they still draw breathe in the mortal world, bind them  as an obstruction to the salvation they crave.

Wraiths of these lost souls – sinners of the greatest evil in their life, reside in the darkest of crypts, where they prey on the souls of the recent dead, and sometimes even those of a wandering traveller. As eons pass, these apparations grow more attuned to the realm of mortals, and their forms evolve in deadlier manners to fit their vile and wicked obsessions.

The Specter of Malice, is one such phenomenon. A grostesque manifestation of the wicked atrocities these beings commited in their life and afterlife, its sole purpose is to wrought eternal terror and despair onto any being- living or dead.

“Let us feast on your  flesh, your sins and your soul, And be reborn as part of us”.


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  1. erwin says:

    this has a real final fantasy monster feel to it, really like this piece

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