#7 & #8: Barry and Gentleshrimp

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A rather free-range young lady, Barry is a track star that revels in the absurd. Her name is actually short for Beryl, a name she hates, from parents she’d just as soon ignore. Barry’s pretty popular at school, and no slouch in academics, though she’d do a great deal better if she slowed down instead of trying to rush through everything.

As with its mistress, the Gentleshrimp is built for speed. By keeping its mass low and size small, Barry can search for slime in areas larger monsters can’t, giving her a solid advantage in a city full of small places to hide. The top hat actually serves no purpose whatsoever; Barry just likes it.

The Gentleshrimp’s keywords were Animal, Thin, Six Legs, Gears, Tail, and Hat. The Gears actually turned into the lobster plates on shrimpy’s back, so I don’t feel too terrible about leaving them out. And overall, I’m rather fond of Barry and her crustacean, which is actually annoying me a bit. See, thanks to the election, I spent less time on them than any of the previous designs, but I like them more. Which makes no sense to me.

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