#7 – Pseudo (Aleksandar Milanov)

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A con-man and liar of virtuoso ability, and a veritable computer genius, there isn’t a system Milanov can’t hack, or a secret he can’t find out. Selling his services to the highest bidder around the globe, he’s worked for people all around the planet. What truly makes him dangerous is that his ability as a hacker is something he worked for, a natural gift, but human. However, Milanov was also born with the ability to control the emotions of others through the use of pheromones. Over the course of time, he has become incredibly skilled at this ability.

With his skills, and a network of like-minded hackers essentially at his beck and call, Imperial lives a life of luxury, and carries himself with a refined sense of arrogance. He sees himself above average people, and sees the world as a series of secrets to unlock or exploit. To Milanov, every day people lie, and behind each of those lies is a secret. Whether that lie is lifts in your shoes or a password to your bank account, every secret is a lie waiting to be discovered.

Milanov prides himself on being one-step ahead of everyone else. Even in conflict, he will glide from point to point, seemingly acting as if he is “above” the fray until opting to strike, usually in a devastating fashion.

Milanov is largely amoral. He has a service to provide, and it is not his job to worry or consider the morals of his employer. If what they are asking him to do is wrong, it will get back to them eventually, and if not they’ll be fine. As long as he gets paid.

Milanov’s ultimate goal is to no longer need to take jobs, but to carve out a niche for himself as his own entity, independent from all nations, his own fiefdom. He is very nearly there.

Tall, always his looks are very genteel, his face is defined by a slim, slightly bent nose, grey eyes and a widow’s peak at the front of his closely-cropped hair. He never appears to completely shave, always showing up with a 5 o’clock shadow.


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