#8 Anya Volkov

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Doctor Ivan Volkov, the renowned Russian scientist, was one of the few people left studying the theory of parallel universes. He was hoping to be the first to prove their existence. Pushing his experiments past any legally safe protocols he was forced to work in secret, in his basement laboratory at his home.

The lab was a mess, half fished experiments and inventions lying across his worktables and floor never to be completed, as he feverishly worked away on a device to produce a portal capable of opening an inter-dimensional wormhole.

Ivan was putting the final touches to the experimental device when it misfired. A bright crimson doorway was being projected mere feet from the Doctor. He was over come with joy. After all of his hard work, it had actually worked.

A shadow appeared in the doorway. A parallel version of Ivan Volkov stepped through; he was flanked either side by humanoid robots.

“Do not mind my guards Doctor, they are simply here to ensure you come with me.” Exclaimed the doppelganger of Ivan. This version of him had a cruel face, twisted by some kind of burn and half covered in metal to replace the parts lost by fire.

The robotic guards grabbed Ivan, knocking him. They dragged him towards the crimson doorway. As the doppelganger turned to follow them he noticed the small fragile frame of Ivan’s daughter, Anya at the base of the stairs leading out of the lab.

Drawing what can only be described as a ray gun from a holster the doppelganger took aim at Anya. She was brave and did not flinch or look away. Time seemed to slow as he pulled the trigger; green energy erupted from the gun. A backpack sat on the table began to unpack itself. Before the energy blast could strike Anya the backpack and twisted and shifted into a robot very similar to that of the Doppelgangers guards.

The blast bounced off of the robots chest, ricocheting into the portal device.

“Damn.” Screamed the doppelganger as the portal began to close, he leapt back through it.

Anya looked up to the robot that had protected her with wonder in her eyes.

“We need to rescue my father.” Anya said with a great deal of confidence for one so one.

“I am to protect you, young miss Anya. That is all.”

Anya smiled.

“Well protected me then.” She exclaimed as she dove through the nearly closed portal.

Her new guardian followed her loyally as the doorway closed behind them.

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