#8 Eric Manchester

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Real Name: Eric Manchester

Height: 6’0

Weight 231 lbs. Age:46

Location: London, England

Eric Manchester is a member of Cero European, a Europe based division of Cero Agency located in London. He is Miles Connery(look for last year’s entry #15)’s UK contact who is an equivalent to James Bond’s FBI Contact Felix Lither. A former operative for MI-6, Eric has seen his share of near death experiences and his adventures can make even James Bond himself jealousy with envy.

Eric comes from not the greatest of upbringings and has joined MI-6 after his stint in The Royal Navy 15 years before. He has joined Cero European for the past 25 years fighting the good fight against evil scientists, dictators, terrorists, etc. He is Miles’s trusted ally and is considered a great friend.

Powers: None. He possesses hand to hand combat skills, including but not exclusive to,  judo, karate, and Jeet Kun do, Bruce lee’s celebrated fighting style.

Personality: Always the one to goes after anything he set his mind to. Sometimes cold and distant.



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