#8 Patience the Ogre

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Names: Patience the Ogre

Place of origin: The Dim Realms

Occupation: Sorcerer

Legal status: Wanted for crimes committed in the USA and elsewhere

Identity: Public

Marital status: Single

Known relatives: None

Group affiliation: None

Base of operations: The Shadow Mansion

History: Between goblins and demons stand the ogres. Large, humanoid, vicious, and intelligent, they have plagued the heroes that defend humanity for millennia.

Among their number, one became renowned for the patience with which he approached the destruction of his enemies. Patience the Ogre accumulated power and hoarded knowledge, turning him into a threat that could challenge the gods. Indeed, the gods became the only creatures interesting enough to be worth challenging. After all, a mere hero, no matter how powerful, would be mortal. Time would carry them off soon enough.

The gods, however, were not amused. After crossing Indra once too often, the storm god punished Patience by stripping the ogre of his magic and power leaving him with only the knowledge of what he had been. Stranded in lands inhabited by humans, Patience found himself hunted. He was still an ogre however, and the hunters soon found the tables turned on them.

Since this his encounter with Indra, Patience has lived on the Earth, relearning magic and re-accumulating power. It has been slow, but Indra did leave him with the memory of what he had been: patient.

The current century has found Patience butting heads with superheroes more often than gods. Those heroes have possessed some power that Patience desired or stood between him and something he wanted. He and the hero Grassblade have tangled repeatedly over the Life Seeds and the Endless Waters. Patience doubled down on their acrimonious relationship by hiring Mad Rat Mad and setting him on Grassblade to keep him occupied.

Patience knew Notetaker from visiting his library. His high-handiness annoyed the human sorcerer, who eventually threw him out. When Cashgrab brought a book she had stolen to Patience, he recognized that it came from Notetaker’s collection. More than willing to annoy the book’s proper owner, he purchased the Cashgrab’s theft, the Book of Unpleasant Truths and Useful Lies.

Inside, he discovered something he thought would allow him to control the Supernova Stag. Several months before the Cosmic Stag Conflagration, he attempted to summon the stag. The attempt went awry and Patience long-delayed recklessness resulted in his death by fire. The remnants of his estate, including the Book of Unpleasant Truths and Useful Lies, were sold to Maggie Ravenlock.

Story role: Patience is a high ranking villain, one that hires minions and lieutenants to further his plans. His willingness to hire others and play a long game makes him a good ongoing enemy.

Height: Very tall

Body type: Overly broad and overly muscled

Known superpowers: Superstrength, immortality, magic.

Limitations: Patience is unable to go to toe to toe with a true cosmic power, but he wields enough of his own to set most heroes back on their heels.

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