Butcher of the Nile

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7th concept! So far so good. Im learning so much of the digital medium everytime i load up a new concept on my laptop. This journey is looking good. FINGERS CROSSED* GOOOOO


.An executioner for the military with an immense lust for bloodshed in life, the butcher made a pact with Sobek, the god of the Nile River upon his untimely death.

“Protect these sacred waters, and you shall have the indulgence of painting them red with the blood of those who dare invade my domain.” were the terms Sobek gave, which echoed like music to the Butcher’s ears.

With the deal sealed, the butcher was reborn in the dreadful form of a cross between a crocodile and man, and once again clenched his colossal cleaver, to stand guard at the River of Nile.

The mighty titan stood ever vigilant in the cold waters of the Nile river, and disposed of intruders in the most brutal ways possible, often tainting the waters with the pigment of death- a gruesome shade of crimson.

The river of Nile thus protected its treasures from invaders under the watchful gaze of the butcher.

Do not be fooled by the butcher’s vigilance, as his drive is not one of a honorable defender’s- but  that of an insane murderer with a perverse and insatiable bloodlust.

Boatmen who seek passage in the River of the Nile often whisper hushed warnings of the butcher’s wrath. No matter where one hails from, the grim message  will always be the same.

“Be wary when treading the dark waters of the Nile River where the butcher lurks. He is always watching, and ever thirsty for blood.”




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