#09 – Ekthuul The Raiser

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Ekthuul is a female Achodut — her cool green skin and beautiful dorsal spines are a dead giveaway, very distinct from the giant sailfins and blue skin of the males. The name ‘Ekthuul’ most closely corresponds with a symbol set humans would call alchemical, complemented with a set of the heavier elements from our Periodic Table. She holds the most honored title of ‘Raiser’ because she is the best at raising energy levels – not only of individuals, but increasing the capacity of devices, and vehicles. She is ‘The’ Raiser, the one who discovered the gateway to the Transit System, including the line which, by all indications, leads to a source of unlimited energy, enough to raise all the Achodut to what we would call godhood, but what they refer to as the ‘Steady State’. Ekthuul is currently exploring the Transit System armed with the finest Harmonic Detractor, a weapon which draws upon the bearer’s willpower to siphon off underlying energy patterns from other creatures.

A point of etiquette: don’t call her cold-blooded. In fact, she believes human notions of ‘warm’ and ‘cold’ blood to be metaphor at best, and backwards ignorance leading to lowered energy levels at worst. It is, as they say, “un-raised”.

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