11/08/2012: Molg, Ginza Hive Soldier

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The primitive warrior race known as the Ginza are from a lonely star system on the farthest ring of Esrah’s Belt. Uplifted from a stone-age civilization to work as bodyguards and hired killers, many Ginza have found their way to Nexus city as part of a merchant or noble’s retinue. Though compact and relatively clumsy, the Ginza are incredibly strong, their deadly beaks able to cut through flesh, bone, and carapace with ease. Ginza bites have even been purported to bypass power armor on more than one occasion. If there is one downside to the utilizing the Ginza as retainers, it is their willful stubbornness. Matched with a level of intelligence bordering on non-sapience, the Ginza can become easily confused and, once a notion is in their head, there’s no dissuading them from it.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending….)


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