#9 Leon Rodin

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They started to find them in the early months of 2010. The first one was discovered in an ancient Mayan temple. Over the coming weeks they where found in the ruins of a Roman church, in a safe in the captains cabin onboard the sunken Titanic, even clutched tightly in the skeletal arms of a Neanderthal man. To date one hundred and sixty eight of these artefacts have been uncovered.

They are called known by many different names. Most countries and religious have their own thoughts and feelings towards the relics and as such name them for themselves. The most widely used term is ‘The god Runes’.

Triangular in shape the god Runes appeared to be made from some form of rock, but every test came back with nothing, the material had no match to anything seen my man before. The same went for the strange markings on the artefacts, the symbols where familiar across all one hundred and sixty eight runes but shared nothing in common with any written or spoken language on earth.

Many people have taken to studying the Runes. One such person is Leon Rodin.

Leon was a successful art historian, before the first god Rune was found. Now nearly three years later he is the owner of three of the runes, in huge debt because of this, he dedicates himself to uncovering their secrets. Locked away in his London apartment he doesn’t sleep and barely eats, his eyes grow dark and his beard thick as he toils to uncover the runes mysterious.

Falling asleep at his desk after a week of no rest Leon missed what the rest of the world witnessed. A comet so close to the earth that it lit the night sky as if on fire. It had gone as quickly as it had appeared, leaving astronomers perplexed. The moment it passed all one hundred and sixty eight runes began to faintly glow. Something had been awoken in them.

Red, blue and green light started to fill Leon’s small apartment as his runes lit up, the light waking him from his sleep. Shocked and enthralled in equal measure he reached out to the now red rune. Searing pain shot through his arm, he screamed in anguish as his whole body surged and shook. Just like the comet the pain had gone as quickly as it had appeared.

The rune was no longer glowing, but Leon was. He felt strange, powerful, excited beyond belief. He looked at the other two glowing runes and reached out to them both. As his body convulsed he engulfed the other two runes, he smirked as a thought struck him. One hundred and sixty five runes where still out there.

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