#9 Red Solar Serpent

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I was on a mission inside of a destroyed and  burning underground base whose  main entrance had become inaccessible. As I ran for cover, much to my surprise, an earlier explosion had created a second entrance to a lost cavern where I found these two, Red Solar Serpents. More like, they found me. Once dwelling on the outside in the hot desert sun, they belonged to an old sisterhood of serpentoids… of varying degree. Some of them have wings and some of them do not. I didn’t feel as though I was in the presence of predators, but that I was in the presence of gods that wanted to show me the way back to the surface, however not before meeting the rest of them…

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Category: Fantasy

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Born in the Philippines on the Mayan glyph day of the Crystal Star,1980, Tiph grew up in North Dakota and currently resides in Albuquerque, NM. At age 7, she began drawing and has not wavered in her art production since. Inspirations include the Discworld Graphic Novels illustrated by Stephen Ross, “Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks” illustrated by Ibrahim Roberson, the works of H.R. Giger, Terence McKenna and Timothy Leary, sacred geometries and mathematics, as well as the wonder of nature, occult science, world mythologies and symbolism, and most importantly, her vivid dream landscape. With a B.A. of Fine Arts from UNM, Tiph is professional VDJ Phive and is also a freelance artist/animator. Her other artistic skills include video art production, clay carving, mosaic design and construction, and has a specialty in fine line drawing. Tiph uniquely combines graphite and ink with watercolor paints. Her artwork can be seen around the Albuquerque Convention Center and a number of private residences. She is an avid fan of sci-fi books and film most notably, Lynne McTaggart,author of “The Field”, “Avatar” by James Cameron and Ken Russell’s “Altered States” . Future projects include instillations and sound art at the Burning Man Festival in Black Rock City NV, as well as expanding her own portfolio in video art production. Tiph seeks to create raw thought-provoking and revolutionary pieces, whether they are for her own artistic gratification or commissioned works. Tiph is an avid birdwatcher and holds great respect for all the little animals around us. Visit her website at http://tiphart.webs.com

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