Day 9: Snitch

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The ranger

“Listen. Mother Nature is loving, spiritual, free force. Her ways of mystery can not be controlled or hindered. If someone tries to do so, I am obligated by law to shoot them in the face. With that noted, Sir, I suggest you get back into the fuckin’ car.”- Snitch

Snitch is the local forest ranger and Fig’s BFF. He is a huggable, lovable kind of guy once you get to know him. Some may think he is a bit…mouthy but that is only because they catch him in a bad mood. He has a very, VERY low tolerance for stupid and, in an occupation wherein he deals with a lot of tourist and red neck hunters, he is often faced with stupid. Though he tends to be sharp tongued, he is a boy scout at heart and does his best to help others. Though his responsible manner can be quite the contrast to the fickleness of Fig, Snitch is close friends with the faun. In fact, if they are not busy “passing the peace pipe”, the two are getting into some other kind of trouble.

When Snitch is not tending to his ranger duties or making bad decisions with Fig, he is a big heavy metal fan and partakes in the Goth scene. He is also a bit of a chubby chaser, preferring his men to be a bit on the chunky side. His current endeavor is trying to swoon his oblivious roommate Tracks. He get along well with Audrey and feels a bit bad about the tension between them.

((Snitch has been drawn before. I feel like this is a bit of cheating, but this is the first time I have drawn him in uniform, gave him a background, connected him to the other characters, etc.))

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