Mirage Raider (Sniper)

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Countless Necromancers have long dictated the disadvantages of raising the dead as an army-  the undead subjects suffer from rapid necrosis of the flesh, and are devoid of having a consciousness.

Countless Necromancers were wrong indeed.

Possessing a great capacity for combat intelligence, the Mirage Raiders are nothing you’d expect out of an undead strike force.

Unlike the Restless Red which were forcefully animated by necromancy, the Mirage Raiders were elite warriors,  given life once again through the synergy of Necromancy and Alchemy.

Despite the limitations of being undead, the minds of the Mirage raiders are honed sharp with killer instincts which they developed in their lives, and their flesh still strong through the unique augmentation of alchemy.

Loyal Elite guards vowing to serve the emperor as the special task force even after death, and armed with advanced weaponary developed by  Abdara- the mad scientist ,the Mirage raiders are definitely a force to be reckoned with even in their  afterlife.

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