02: Qorah

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Brief Bio/Description:
Qorah is a spunky, brash, and flirtatious girl with a passion – and talent – for boxing. She runs track and dabbles in basketball, but nothing gets her spirits higher than being in a ring with an opponent. She’s recently been showing an interest in mixed martial arts. She doesn’t know it yet, but soon she’ll be starting up an underground women’s federation. A Ladies’ Fight Club, of sorts.

Style Commentary:
I decided to stick primarily with my own style for this character, but created a personality that I usually stray from – the wild, brash type. I think I managed to capture it fairly well. I also aimed for an ethnicity outside of my comfort range, but didn’t have any set reference in mind. She comes across to me, now, as a blend of African, Hispanic, and a tiny bit Italian. Not sure where I’m getting Italian.

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