03: Roimata

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Character Name: 

Brief Bio/Description:
Roimata is a victim. She is fifteen years old, and is frequently at the mercy of her family’s cruelty. She has been raised in this toxic environment, and has adopted the attitude that receiving pain and being mistreated is her purpose in life.

Style Commentary:
I suppose you could say I wasn’t feeling too cheery when I came up with Roimata. I scribbled her with very little thought or planning (which shows, in my opinion). I like her hair. An interesting note, however: I distinctly wanted to give her a name that reflected her story and personality. “Roimata” is a name that means “tear drop” in Maori, which is the name for the indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand. This was a stunning juxtaposition for me – given the fact that I’m American, the first thing I think of when I hear “New Zealand” are the stunning vistas and beautiful land that is frequently used in movies. To find out that the indigenous people of such a place have a name for something like a tear drop was nothing short of breath taking. And the name fit.

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