04: Dew Drop Dazzle

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Character Name: 
Dew Drop Dazzle

Brief Bio/Description:
Dew is a “do-good” spirit, similar to a fairy. She doesn’t have wings – which she is sometimes bitter about. But then she remembers her fabulous hair. Dew is a spirit concerned with sprinkling the morning dew on the flora, specifically around meadows and small wooded areas. She’s been known to venture into areas populated by humans, too. Her handiwork is always much-admired by the children. Dew always makes sure her little beads of water are as crystal clear and prismatic as possible – so every morning, each drop is its own little rainbow. She takes her work very seriously, but hardly ever worries over anything.

Style Commentary:
I began this drawing with several abstract shapes and curves. It was a very therapeutic exercise, just letting lines run into each other and begin the form for a character. Once I got an idea for more details, I latched on to it and made it happen. At first I didn’t want to include the bust shot – I wanted to keep it a head shot. But, despite the intention I had behind her design, she looked too much like a voodoo totem without a bit of body showing!

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