#09 and #10 – Coriander and Le Pup

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Many of the hackers who are interested in slime hunting are actually far more interested in the things they can DO with ooze than the simple act of acquiring it. Coriander — real name Alice Monterey — is one of the most enthusiastic proponents of ooze as a fashion statement. Not one to directly compete with others for nanopartical material, the bounties Coriander offers for slime is actually a major source of income for other hackers, and even some less-scrupulous NMSA agents.

Le Pup is actually just one of many, many cores owned by Coriander. As part of her philosophy towards nanoparticle ooze, she uses the multiform ooze to accessorize her retro-futuristic sense of style. As a result, most of her cores are actually fairly weak, and are of little use in a fight.

The keywords that my RNG threw up for Coriander and her disturbing floating pug were Modern Art, Therian, One Pair of Wings, Collar, Tail, Bulldog Mouth. I actually went through a couple designs for this pair, some more menacing than others. Coriander ended up winning out just because I love spacesuits.

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