#10 Lisha Okoro – The Map

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Lisha Okoro was a well respected and liked priest in her small community in Nigeria. She was kind hearted and caring and easy to like. She lived a quiet, peaceful life and was content. That was until the comet came.

After the events, now dubbed ‘The Rune Awakening’ Lisha is a hunted woman, always on the run.

The comet burned the sky for a second and the god runes power was stirred. Lisha’s church had been sent a rune as it traveled the globe so all the churches of her country could behold it. It was in her safe keeping when it awoke.

Washing over her body the pale blue light of the rune absorbed into her. It granted her insight. The runes energy made it so Lisha could pass her hand over anything and see something others couldn’t. If she passed her hand over a pregnant woman she would tell the sex of the child, pass if over an apple and she could tell the location of the tree it came from.

It is not for these gifts that she is hunted. It is for what Lisha can see when she passes her hand over a map that makes her the prize so many are after. Because when Lisha uses insight over a map of any kind she can see where all the other runes are, if they have been absorbed and if the original rune stone is still with the host.

Lisha Okoro is the map to power.

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