#9 – Microburst (Thomas Bell)

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A star track athlete in high school, Thomas Bell discovered that he had the ability to control and manipulate sound waves. Able to interrupt, change, and even deafen his opponents, Thomas Bell bounced back and forth between being on the side of “the law” and finding his own way for several years before moving to Miami and falling in with a group of superheroes there.

Thomas isn’t a reluctant superhero, in the sense that he is afraid of what his abilities could do. He’s completely comfortable with his abilities, he just doesn’t particularly like the business. But this is what he’s best at, so he does it. When he’s being “Microburst”, he’s that persona, and when he takes off the costume, that world is completely left behind. Bell is determined not to let hero-ing define his life any more than it already does. This is a means to an end for him, not a calling, not a life goal. He frequently ends up in conflict with other heroes who have devoted their lives to this, in that he just doesn’t feel the same call to service they do.

Even at 27, Thomas still has a young face, with a wide, bright smile and bright, wide eyes. He is, for the most part, a gregarious person, prone to practical jokes and fond of the nightclub scene, wherever he is. He appreciates what he can do to help and save people, and at the same time, wishes he’d found something else he could be equally rich at doing, but not have to worry about the scrutiny.

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