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#12 Dream Catcher

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Born in the hippie generation, the Dream Catcher is a more than free loving super hero.   His ability to enter anyones dreams make him the most dangerous member of the superhero group “the Help”.

#11 Morgonne

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Whip smart and a master tactician, Morgonne is the brains of the hero super hero team “The Help!”.

#11 – Antonius Stark

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This is Antonius Stark, a warforged (robot people from Eberron) artificer played by my buddy Kris.

Here’s what I had to work with: Like all other warforged, mechanical and golem-like in appearance. Unlike other warforged, Stark wears everyday garments like a cloth tunic, pants, and a hooded cloak. To conceal his appearance, Stark often pulls the hood over his head and partially over his face. He wears a utility belt that contains various small potions, artifacts, and gadgets, and keeps a large satchel to carry other similar, and larger items.

I forgot the utility belt (cruuucial) and he ended up with more a rogueish look instead of a true artificer. Then again, artificers do gain some rogue-like abilities back in 3.5.

#11 – Experimental Cyborg Type Human Taser

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Another unwilling victim of the mad scientist’s experiments.  This time, it’s a cyborg who has been given limbs that generate electrical currents.  Because she doesn’t know how to deactivate this, she has grown to hate her new form, and wishes to have, at the very least, normal cybernetic limbs.


If she can’t find out how to control or remove her weapons, she fears that more people will die because of her.

#11 Purge (assimilation mode)

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As part of an insidious alien invasion, the Purge unit is deposited into large population centers, disguised as a child’s action figure.  When it has located sufficient material and energy resources, it switches from the insertion mode to the assimilation mode, and begins conversion of local matter into body mass. This process continues until the Purge unit has reached sufficient size to overwhelm the local population, or until the local resources are depleted.

Ocean#11-Little space sound maniac

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sound manic

“I wanna record all the fantastic sounds in the galaxy!”

Character #9: Voltaire the Vulture

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Voltaire the Vulture

#11 Sir Mayor President PhD

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#11 The Sinner

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Name: The Sinner, Paul Edson

Place of origin: Boston, Massachusetts

Occupation: Crime Boss

Legal status: Citizen of the USA. Repeatedly investigated by police but never convicted.

Identity: Public

Marital status: Married

Known relatives: Brother Peter Edson, Father Raymond ‘Rex’ Edson, Mother Elizabeth Edson

Group affiliation: Sweet Angels crime family

Base of operations: Boston, Massachusetts

History: Paul was born into an Occult Mafia family. Continue Reading

#9 Siorea

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Grace Gurney Smith

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#11 Gyphhin

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This is a tribute to Keith Giffin, who created some of the funkiest supporting characters in comics history in his distinctive style.


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#11 Remembrance

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#6 “pink barbie”

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Day 11: Thomas

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the experiment

((related to a character from last challenge 2011))

“If this whole ordeal proves anything it is that mankind is not longer fit to exist on this plane….yet I was created to preserve them. Yes. I do see quite an irony in all of this.” -Thomas

Thomas, aka #821, is from the same US government project that Joe-Jack.

A reminder from Joe-Jack’s profile, it was the last attempt by the US government to preserve the human genome in some shape, fashion, or form when the undead began to destroy society as we know it. Very little was known about the project except it involved nearly indestructible artificially created humans who were not only immune to the infection, but had the ability to take on other organic matter as their own in case of need for emergency repair.

Unlike Joe-Jack, who survived through pure luck, Thomas used his cold-head intellect to escape the fire incident. He lost one of his hands in the process and his body is now de-zombifying a newly attracted limb. Ever since then, he had secured himself in a motel where he has been taking care of a few survivors.

Unlike Joe-Jack, Thomas has yet to mention the “goal point” location…which makes you wonder if Thomas has other plans for his survivors then programed. Unlike Joe-Jack, Thomas does not have a hole in his head and all of computer, database-like mind is in perfect running condition. This means that he is very intelligent AND actually sane.

Thomas does not think much of Joe-Jack, but he does have an interest in Brioche because of her apparent immunity to infection. When the two arrive in the hotel that he had been living in, he began to scheme on how to separate Brioche from the “defective unit”.

Thomas is very much unlike Joe-Jack and Joe-Jack maybe at a great disadvantage…

#10-Oscar (the ostracised Ostrach)

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Oscars wild head of hair has traumatized him throughout highschool-Now that he is a freshman, he hopes the brand new start in university will earn him some new friends who will see past his firey mane. Beers anyone?

#9 Stainless Stella

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A superhuman mercenary who became bonded with an alien mettle alloy.  In greatly increased her already superhuman strength and also made her invulnerable to physical harm.  However she desperately wants to get rid of the metal coating as the lack of tactile sensor stimulus (pleasure and pain) is slowly driving her mad.  Only one man has offered to help.   If you’ve been following my other posts you know who…

The very source of her power is driving her mad…

DAY ELEVEN – Tabernacle

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NAME: Tabernacle

Tabernacle is an angelic being who carries within itself a single spark cast from God’s fiery body. Its purpose is to make itself known to one person at a time and, if the person is willing, enter his or her body. In exchange, the host receives knowledge and power. Tabernacle makes no attempt to guide its host to make “morally upstanding” choices, rather allowing the person to decide how to use his or her revelation best.

Tabernacle in Angelic form

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No #11

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I’m experimenting with light and shadow. That’s been my ambition from the start of this challenge


Day 11: Dark Chris Forester

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Dark Chris is the bigger protective and brutal brother of lil’ Chris. Yup, he is the bad cop during interrogations and he got his nickname due to his ruthlessness when trying to solve a case.

He loves his little sister but despises Indy.

Day 10: Chris Forester

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Chris Forester is a private investigator. He loves drinking Lego Cola and is a mutant. Along with his older brother has a small office where the Forester Investigations are. She usually plays the good cop when interrogating for info and she’s an admirer of Indy.

8 – Remorhazan Elder

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The Remorhaz is a brute of a monster, an insect-like behemoth that generates intense heat through it’s blood and hunts the arctic wastes of the far north Cruth. They are on the decline- hunted and destroyed for the danger it represents. But deep beneath the iron ice of the Chillvault Glaciers, the real Remorhaz still exist- a race more advanced than the hapless suface dwellers know of, and far more dangerous. Once the Drow Houses and the Dwarven Strongholds of the north Cruth found out about them, and forged a pact- the first of it’s kind- to purge the world of the only clutch known of the Remorhazans, a mere two dozen in number.

Before word could be sent to any of the colonies of the southern lands, and in terrible allignment to the coming of the crippling Rain of Blue Fire, which rendered the attackers without magical aid, the Remorhazans were assaulted in their cavern by the elite of the Drow and the hardiest of the HammerMarch, hundreds upon hundreds of warriors and wardancers.

The retaliation was immediate and explosive. Each 20 feet tall and as strong as rock, capable of immense acts of agility and possessing obsidian claws, molten innards and deceptively large brains, the small tribe of Remorhazans slaughtered the armies and pursued the routed back to their homes and strongholds.

To this day, the miles upon miles of the north Cruth nearest the ChillVault Glaciers lay uninhabited,  ruins haunted and scorched, a testament to the might of the Remorhazan Elders.

#4 Terrail 12

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This character was inspired by ben ten. Ben ten is one of my favor cartoon shows of today. I figure if I would do my version of ben ten, terrail 12 is my answer.  I would have my character transform into his environment.  For example, he live in the hood I’ll have him turn into a street thug, with so much anger and rage that’s his strength.He’ll turn into a pimp and his power is his back hand smack can crush mountains ( i hope everybody know where I’m going with it :O ).  I want have the electric watch on his wrist he’ll wear it on his neck like ice just flashing. Terrail has a hip hop hood mental mind, grinding. I hope everybody in the cyber world like this character, later, one..

# 11 Blue Spectral Hand

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Blue Spectral Hand is an invisible assassin. Called upon whenever there is trouble, Ningyo summons her from her Shakōki-dogū to wage justice and bring revenge.

Blue Spectral Hand says, “I dissolve in order to know, releasing healing. I seal the store of accomplishment. With the spectral tone of Liberation, I am guided by my own power doubled.”

#5 Svetlana the Llama

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Svetlana Camelinskii was a new intern at a genetic engineering laboratory. Two weeks later her coworkers found Svetlana to somehow have been spliced with a llama. She didn’t seem to notice, so no one said anything. Work carried on as usual.

#8 Zoraida

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An evil spirit in the body of a murdered woman…

Candy Rain wasn’t her real name, but that was the name she had been “dancing” under just 3 hours before she was abducted, and then ritually scarified.  She was revived with the spirit of an ages dead evil sorceress inhabiting the body.  The enchantments that allow Zoraida purchase in this corpse, and keep the corpse from decaying, also place controls over the powerful undead witch.  She is bound to the will of he who summoned her, the same master villain/evil political all my other characters so far work for.

#11 Teeth

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Here’s a robber called Teeth.  She’s known for throwing fake dentures at bank tellers and somehow gets away with money.

#10 Aves

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This is a mutated lizard guy named Aves.  He’s pretty cool and a little scaly.

#7 Serpent Lord, King of Snakes

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A man possessed by the spirit of the God of Snakes…

Archeologist Dan Cartright was excavating a ruin deep in the Amazon rain forest on an expedition funded through less than savory sources.  He found an ancient ring, which looked like a serpent swallowing its own tail.  He felt compelled to put it on and was possessed by the spirit of Nagkata, a long lost Serpent God.  Dan now fights for his soul with Nagkata, as it is only at night that the serpent lord comes forth, but he finds it impossible to speak of his condition to anyone.  Dan retains no memories of his actions when Nagkata is in control.  Unbeknown to him Nagkata has agreed to support my recurring evil politician character, who was the source of the funds for Dan’s expedition.  Somehow he knew what the dig would find and unleash.

#5 friendship

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