#10 Trinity Red

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Names: Trinity Red, Red Son, Paul Edson

Place of origin: Boston, Massachusetts

Occupation: Vigilante

Legal status: Wanted in some jurisdictions within the USA as Trinity Red, legally dead as Paul Edson

Identity: Secret

Marital status: Single

Known relatives: Brother Paul Edson aka the Sinner, Father Raymond ‘Rex’ Edson, Mother Elizabeth Edson

Group affiliation: None

Base of operations: Boston, Massachusetts

History: Peter Edson was born to Raymond ‘Red’ Edson and Elizabeth Edson, mid-level members of the so-called Occult Mafia, the organized crime families that specialize in magic. If you want to sell your soul to a devil, Peter’s parents could set that up for you.

When Peter was eight, his parents reached a demonic deal that would expand their power but would require they give up one of their sons to be sacrificed in someone else’s occult ceremony. His older brother, Paul, was already showing promise that he would do well in the family business, so they turned over Peter to be killed instead.

The fact that Peter did not die was obscured for them by the fact that everybody else actually at the ceremony was killed by Trinity Red. Originally established as a squad of three by the Vatican to combat necrolife monsters and occult forces, its members had a hard time accepting the mid-20th century shift away from killing all undead to just those actively dangerous to humans. They went rogue so they could continue to kill anything touched by necrolife.

When they rescued Peter, Trinity Red consisted of only Red Father Rufino Galloni and Holy Ghost Terzo Morucci. Terzo had died, but his ghost had been brought back by using a divine spark rather than necrolife. When they rescued Peter, Rufino and Terzo realized they could not return to his family and instead trained him as Red Son to restore their trinity.

They hunted together for decades, feared by the dead, wanted by the law, and admired by some. Eventually, Terzo was banished into the afterlife and Rufino soon joined him, leaving Peter as the sole member of Trinity Red.

By this point, his brother Paul realized Peter was still alive. Paul had become a powerful sorcerer and a well connected occult criminal known by the nickname the Sinner. The two clashed repeatedly, each disrupting the other’s plans, but neither managing to kill the other.

Despite his fugitive status, Peter has had an ongoing romantic relationship with Queen Icarus. His current status has made their relationship rather complicated.

Having long established himself as a solo threat to the undead world, a gang of vampires decided that turning him into one of them would calm him down or at least make him more tractable. They succeeded in turning him into a vampire, but that only made him even more dangerous to them.

The Blood Circle, a supervillain team of demons, undead, and sorcerers, later made another concentrated effort to kill him. The result was not what they intended. Instead of killing him, they managed to change his soul into a ghost. His ghost, in turned, embalmed his body to make it a mummy. Now he has two incarnations to use in his war against the things that go bump in the night.

In addition to his ghost and his mummy, Peter has been joined by a disembodied voice that has offered help and information he would not have otherwise. The nature of the Voice has not yet been revealed, and Peter does not entirely trust it.

Story role: Protagonist. Think Punisher for the dead.

Height: Tall

Body type: Athletic – mummified, Athletic – ghost

Known superpowers: Occult knowledge. An extensive selection of holy weaponry. His mummy body does not tire, bleed, or feel pain. His ghost body can pass through walls, turn invisible, and manipulate solid objects. He has many holy protections woven into his being, which is how he got split into a ghost and mummy when he should have died to begin with.

Limitations: Both of his bodies use necrolife, so he has many of the same weaknesses to holy objects that many undead do.

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