#11 The Sinner

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Name: The Sinner, Paul Edson

Place of origin: Boston, Massachusetts

Occupation: Crime Boss

Legal status: Citizen of the USA. Repeatedly investigated by police but never convicted.

Identity: Public

Marital status: Married

Known relatives: Brother Peter Edson, Father Raymond ‘Rex’ Edson, Mother Elizabeth Edson

Group affiliation: Sweet Angels crime family

Base of operations: Boston, Massachusetts

History: Paul was born into an Occult Mafia family. At a young age, he showed signs of the temperament and talent it would take to thrive in that environment. When an opportunity came for his parents to advance their station in the criminal world, they handed over their less promising son, Peter, to be killed instead.

Paul was a bad child who was encouraged in his badnes, but punished by his parents when he would get caught, explicitly for being caught rather than being bad. He grew into a cruel teenager and matured into a man than could hide his cruelty behind a genial smile.

Nevertheless, he was very loyal to his parents. While he could not prevent his parents death at the hands of their rivals, he did ensnare their souls with his magic, so they could continue to act as his advisors.

As he moved up the ranks of the Sweet Angels crime family, he attracted the attention of various heroes, including Trinity Red. It was only after they had tangled a few times that Paul uncovered the fact thatthe youngest member of the Trinity was his brother, Peter. Paul has alternated between trying to recruit and trying to kill his brother ever since.

Paul’s business only occasionally takes him the New York City, but the hero Deluge has still managed to ruin a couple of Paul’s plots. Paul has not made it a priority to kill Deluge yet, but his death is on Paul’s wishlist.

When the Supernova Stag invaded the Earth, Paul attempted to bind the Stag with his magic and use its power. He failed so completely that the Stag did not even notice the attempt to capture him. However, the failure itself caused Paul no harm, and he decided to the let the heroes of Shattered Earth chase after the cosmic beast.

Story role: Antagonist. A good general villain, but one specifically tailored to work best with Trinity Red.

Height: Tall

Body type: Fat

Known superpowers: Sorcerer of unknown magic school. Access to demonic weaponry.

Limitations: Cannot go toe to toe in a physical fight without equipment.

Category: 2012, Superhero

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