#4 Terrail 12

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This character was inspired by ben ten. Ben ten is one of my favor cartoon shows of today. I figure if I would do my version of ben ten, terrail 12 is my answer.  I would have my character transform into his environment.  For example, he live in the hood I’ll have him turn into a street thug, with so much anger and rage that’s his strength.He’ll turn into a pimp and his power is his back hand smack can crush mountains ( i hope everybody know where I’m going with it :O ).  I want have the electric watch on his wrist he’ll wear it on his neck like ice just flashing. Terrail has a hip hop hood mental mind, grinding. I hope everybody in the cyber world like this character, later, one..


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I'm from Chicago and I love to draw and read and draw. When I do my art I don't think too hard about I just do it. Art is fun.

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