#7 Serpent Lord, King of Snakes

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A man possessed by the spirit of the God of Snakes…

Archeologist Dan Cartright was excavating a ruin deep in the Amazon rain forest on an expedition funded through less than savory sources.  He found an ancient ring, which looked like a serpent swallowing its own tail.  He felt compelled to put it on and was possessed by the spirit of Nagkata, a long lost Serpent God.  Dan now fights for his soul with Nagkata, as it is only at night that the serpent lord comes forth, but he finds it impossible to speak of his condition to anyone.  Dan retains no memories of his actions when Nagkata is in control.  Unbeknown to him Nagkata has agreed to support my recurring evil politician character, who was the source of the funds for Dan’s expedition.  Somehow he knew what the dig would find and unleash.

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