8 – Remorhazan Elder

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The Remorhaz is a brute of a monster, an insect-like behemoth that generates intense heat through it’s blood and hunts the arctic wastes of the far north Cruth. They are on the decline- hunted and destroyed for the danger it represents. But deep beneath the iron ice of the Chillvault Glaciers, the real Remorhaz still exist- a race more advanced than the hapless suface dwellers know of, and far more dangerous. Once the Drow Houses and the Dwarven Strongholds of the north Cruth found out about them, and forged a pact- the first of it’s kind- to purge the world of the only clutch known of the Remorhazans, a mere two dozen in number.

Before word could be sent to any of the colonies of the southern lands, and in terrible allignment to the coming of the crippling Rain of Blue Fire, which rendered the attackers without magical aid, the Remorhazans were assaulted in their cavern by the elite of the Drow and the hardiest of the HammerMarch, hundreds upon hundreds of warriors and wardancers.

The retaliation was immediate and explosive. Each 20 feet tall and as strong as rock, capable of immense acts of agility and possessing obsidian claws, molten innards and deceptively large brains, the small tribe of Remorhazans slaughtered the armies and pursued the routed back to their homes and strongholds.

To this day, the miles upon miles of the north Cruth nearest the ChillVault Glaciers lay uninhabited,  ruins haunted and scorched, a testament to the might of the Remorhazan Elders.

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