Day 11: Thomas

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the experiment

((related to a character from last challenge 2011))

“If this whole ordeal proves anything it is that mankind is not longer fit to exist on this plane….yet I was created to preserve them. Yes. I do see quite an irony in all of this.” -Thomas

Thomas, aka #821, is from the same US government project that Joe-Jack.

A reminder from Joe-Jack’s profile, it was the last attempt by the US government to preserve the human genome in some shape, fashion, or form when the undead began to destroy society as we know it. Very little was known about the project except it involved nearly indestructible artificially created humans who were not only immune to the infection, but had the ability to take on other organic matter as their own in case of need for emergency repair.

Unlike Joe-Jack, who survived through pure luck, Thomas used his cold-head intellect to escape the fire incident. He lost one of his hands in the process and his body is now de-zombifying a newly attracted limb. Ever since then, he had secured himself in a motel where he has been taking care of a few survivors.

Unlike Joe-Jack, Thomas has yet to mention the “goal point” location…which makes you wonder if Thomas has other plans for his survivors then programed. Unlike Joe-Jack, Thomas does not have a hole in his head and all of computer, database-like mind is in perfect running condition. This means that he is very intelligent AND actually sane.

Thomas does not think much of Joe-Jack, but he does have an interest in Brioche because of her apparent immunity to infection. When the two arrive in the hotel that he had been living in, he began to scheme on how to separate Brioche from the “defective unit”.

Thomas is very much unlike Joe-Jack and Joe-Jack maybe at a great disadvantage…

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