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For this year’s challenge, I decided to try something different from my massive day-by-day story of characters that I put together last year.  Inspired by the incomparable AXE COP, I decided to turn the creative reins over to my 3 year old son.  I wrote out the alphabet and had him create a character for each letter.  He told me about the new superhero and guided me on their designs.  It should be noted that all word balloon dialogue was also created by my three year old.  So here we go, in no particular order…


MMMMM-MAN started out covered in the letter ‘M’ and eating a carrot (you know “Mmmmm! This carrot is delicious!”)  My son’s love of cars and trucks (which will make other appearances during this challenge) manifest as a big rig in his other hand.  I was told he wore broken glasses, I added the tape to hold them together.  Both my son and Mmmmm-Man were confused about this.  The final touch that really pushes this character into his own,  with what I am sure is a fascinating back story, is his cape made of 100 hands.  Yep, a CAPE MADE OF HANDS.

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  1. TiphArt says:

    LoL, this one is twisted…He’s got a cape of 100 hands and he’s asking why he’s got tape on his glasses?…..while eating a carrot and holding a toy truck…..LoL This one makes me laugh good time, mmm 🙂

  2. jekief01 says:

    Best cape OF ALL TIME! not even kidding OF ALL TIME!

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