#11 – Kid Mystic

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Benjamin Bowman discovered he had superpowers at the age of 12, and his entire life since has revolved around that. Benjamin suddenly went from a unknown face in the crowd, to one of the faces at the vanguard of a new generation of heroes.

Blessed with an immense capability for magic and magical affinity, Benjamin is discovering the potential of his powers, including some reality-warping abilities that he has only just begun to scratch the surface of.

The son of a single mother, when Benjamin discovered his abilities, he immediately threw himself into learning and honing them. Benjamin understood, even at a young age that the moment his abilities manifested that his life was never going to be the same, and that his abilities potentially represented a ticket for him and his family out of a dangerous neighborhood and into a safer, more stable life. Benjamin deeply wanted to provide for his mother, who had raised two children by herself, and understood the power of a superhero to be a symbol and a protector, and believed that he could affect actual, serious change.

While not loud or brash, since discovering his abilities Benjamin has carried himself with a quiet confidence. Compassionate and kind, Benjamin is still a 17-year-old who has been living with his increasing fame for five years now, and, all things considered, doing a reasonably fair job of staying something close to grounded. He is not above being petty or cruel (he is still a teenager), and has used, and in some cases abused his newfound status and influence to gain favors and gifts (he hasn’t paid for a pair of shoes in three years, and Benjamin is a real Sneakerhead). Benjamin is also quite fond of the opposite sex, and hasn’t wanted for female attention in years. His views of women and their place in society can be… slightly more regressive than what some might want from a paragon of the community.

Benjamin is on a lot of radars. Many hero groups from around the nation have been in contact with him and his family, offering him the chance, when he turns eighteen, to become a full-fledged professional, to get the best training with the best heroes who can prepare him for the rigors of the job from a personal and from a professional standpoint. He hasn’t made any decisions yet though.
Benjamin cuts an exceedingly un-threatening figure normally, standing just under six feet tall, with a frame that can kindly be referred to as “rangy”. His most distinguishing feature, however, is the large scar running along his left arm, from near his elbow down to his hand, the result of an accident where he was scalded with boiling water as a child. He doesn’t make any attempt to hide the scar, considering it a reminder of where he came from, as his future opens to him.

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