#11 – Phone Tree Woman

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[co-created with Ken Barnes] Endlessly riding in the Transit System is a woman attempting to navigate her way through an increasingly complex automated phone program.  It started off small, simple, and frustrating, but with each call she makes it one step farther.  It consumes her attention now to the point where she ignores nearly all stops, and most people as well, except when the phone is charging.  The tree itself gets eerie complex as well — its instructions generally come in the form of telling one to press one or two, but have now extended to real-world instructions.  (To speak to an operator, put the phone down and pick up a gun.  Walk twelve paces into the square, shoot the first person you see on the right, elude pursuit, then dial this number again and press 2.)

She has some kind of telecommuting job which enables her to do this, however she is growing increasingly forgetful of it as her duel with the telephone tree consumes her.  She never gets ahold of a person on the phone.  (Like, ever.)

She believes that if the telephone dilemma is not resolved, then the Collectors will come for her.

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