#12 Ernesto Bedoya

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Name: Ernesto Bedoya

Place of origin: New York City, New York, USA

Occupation: Cop

Legal status: Citizen of good standing of the USA

Identity: Public

Marital status: Married

Known relatives: Wife Amy Bedoya aka Speedway, Son Loredo Bedoya, Son Michael Bedoya

Group affiliation: NYPD, formally USMC

Base of operations: New York City, New York, USA

History: Ernesto finished high school without a clear direction for himself. He had not pushed to excel academically. He had not managed to get into enough trouble for it to count against him in the eyes of others. He did not have goals that others insist that he achieve. At bit at loose ends, he finally settled on the United States Marine Corp, hoping it would be a good fit. It was.

When he finally left the Marines, he wanted to continue his service to the American public and joined the New York Police Department. He time with the Marines had not put him in close contact with the superpowered community. His time as a cop did.

It was a rare month where he did not call in a bank robbery by Slick’s Seven Men or a rampage by Coal Dust or brawl between the Big Man and Rebar. While on duty, he met Summerman and Wild Slide and Sewer Frog. These repeated encounters put Ernesto in that rare category of cops that end up knowing superheroes and villains far better than average, even though it isn’t specifically their job to deal with them. The high frequency was noted by his fellow cops, who gave him a hard time about it, but Ernesto had not gotten through the Marines without growing a thick skin. It also came to the attention to the NYPD’s SPAR team, but they made no attempt to recruit him since New York has enough superpowers that they did not need to recruit a regular person to help fill out their ranks.

He met Speedway while on the job when he called in for backup when dealing with Long Legs Daddy. Speedway wrapped him up, and she and Ernesto chatted afterwards. They have now been married for years and have two young boys.

Ernesto is less than impressed with Speedway’s sidekick Deluge. Ernesto takes his commitment to the community very seriously, and he can tell that Deluge is ambivalent about being a superhero.

Story role: Ernesto is a support character, specifically a romantic interest for Speedway. His job gives him opportunities to be a recurring character in other the stories of other superheroes.

Height: Tall

Body type: Athletic – Soldier

Known superpowers: None

Limitations: Regular human

Category: 2012, Superhero

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