#12 – Pango (Derek Kidd)

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Derek Kidd was a unremarkable career criminal, convicted once for attempted murder when he was just 15, imprisoned again when he was 20 for possession of a illegal firearm and sale of crack cocaine. However, it was while serving time for the second conviction that his abilities manifested, and he became a genuine threat to law enforcement and heroes alike.

Pango’s abilities manifested as changing him into a gigantic, partially human-Pangolin hybrid, coating his body with incredibly hard, plate-like scales, a long, prehensile tail and tongue, both of which he can use as weapons, and long, deadly claws that he uses to borrow and dig. Pango can also secrete a noxious acidic substance that can all-but incapacitate anyone nearby with nausea and sears the nose and eyes.

Since manifesting his abilities, Pango has managed to evade capture for several years, due to a combination of his own intelligence and his new-found abilities. Pango is permanently stuck in his hybrid form, a fact that suits him just fine. He has, in many ways, happily left the entirety of his humanity behind, and is now focused on a career where his special abilities can be put to use. His incredibly strong claws and digging ability has been used to rob several banks, and he has spilled no small amount of blood with them.

From head to toe, Pango stands seven and a half feet tall, with is tail, he measures as nearly twelve feet long. An excellent climber, Pango is also capable of moving with surprising speed and agility, making him a handful for any person or superhero unfortunate enough to come across him.

To this day, Pango holds a major grudge against the Police and any authority figures, and delights in causing havoc or harming members of those services. He allegedly once dug out a sinkhole underneath a police station, causing a major building collapse, but nothing has been proven yet.

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