Ekela- prodigy of light

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Ever since her days as a child, Ekela possessed a radiant beauty and a strong affinity with the light. The child would always find peace in wandering around old temple ruins, and was also naturally drawn to scriptures dictating healing mantras.

After suffering the loss of her parents after a demon attack,  Ekela was taken in by the order of the Blue lotus, a group of powerful nuns, who live in solitude to practice the ways of  the light and healing.

With her strong affinity with the light,  Ekela was a natural when it came to learning the ways of healing. Her talent soon rivaled even the elders, and she was later recognized as a prodigy in the healing arts.

Despite being known for their powerful magic, the Blue lotus seldom intervene in the affairs of people.

Ekela knew that she could never stand idle while there was conflict and bloodshed abound, so she left the blue lotus in search for ways to help people with her gift.

Songs praising the deeds of the beautiful healer were later sung, and the word of Ekela spread across the lands.

The blue lotus, branding Ekela as a traitor, hunted her down and punished her for her treasons. The malicious act was carried by her sisters who were once her closest companions, while others, were fellow peers who were jealous of her gift.

The cruel punishment left Ekela blind and her beautiful face marred.

It is a mystery, as to why Ekela chose to let her wounds remain, for she could easily restore her eyesight, and heal her broken visage with ease.

Till this day, Ekela travels the land, healing the victims of war, famine, and disease.Her magic has also become even more powerful, despite the loss of her eyes. Perhaps in the darkness, she found a way to embrace the light even more, for when she is blind, she cannot hate, and judge, and she heals everyone never questioning their deeds nor their past.


“Nerfertem, lend me your strength to cleanse these wounds.”- Ekela

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