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Ocean#13- Bear knows cleanness

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“…… so this is how you should clean your hands.”


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day 5 peanut gladiator

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i think i am going to use this guy for something in the near future 🙂

Day 13: Jambalaya

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Jambalaya was an alligator that had  unfortunately taken a habit to eating the zombified corpses that have fallen into the swamp. Now rotting and fusing with it’s wet home, it wanders the waters in pain and hunger.

Brioche calls him Jambalaya because that is exactly what he will be when she is done.

DAY THIRTEEN – GMoccultist

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NAME: GMoccultist

A magician with the power to create worlds. He’s a little mad. He’s seen the Other Side and the cogs that move the Universe. He is a close personal friend of the Quantum Bunny.

A TON of thanks goes to Joe Palmer for the inspiration for the character!

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Day 13. MY BIRTHDAY!!! Alisson Landen

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aliss allison landen

Aliss Landen

Aliss landen is a pyro forger from my novel project that i am currently writing. She and her twin brother, Maks, dont exactly see eye to eye on many things, but they are both supportive and protective of each other all the same! This particular Aliss, is inspired by a scene in the 3rd book (which i’ve yet to write, lol) and takes place at Ullman Academy’s Semaj Ball.


I love the writing process when it comes to creating my own characters. finding out who has inspired you to create them. Finding out how much of you is in fact inside them. Writing and creating are my absolute favorite things to do! If i can do them for the rest of my life and somehow manage to live comfortably, then i would be able to die a very happy man!

Days 8,9,10,11,12 and 13 .. yeah i was a little behind

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DAY 8 – ZOM-MOOOOOO  .. yes i watched walking dead and was inspired

day 9 – sing along – for my new greaser children’s book im working on

day 10 hip hop – again greaser childrens book day 11 – cowardly – greaser book

day 12 – unnamed bear form a happy accident while sctching for my mischief seal short .. he will be in something soon

day 13 – Al-ragous – the mischiefvious seal ..

#7 L. Obby

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#7 L. Obby

#13 Coal Dust

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Names: Coal Dust, Ralph Macgavin

Place of origin: Altoona, Pennsylvania, USA

Occupation: Professional criminal

Legal status: Criminal wanted in the USA

Identity: Secret

Marital status: Single

Known relatives: None

Group affiliation: None

Base of operations: Varies

History: Ralph was a scientist working for a power company. Continue Reading

“#[ Bla]” Day 13

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#12 Chef Monsieur

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No #12

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Retire porn star, he keeps the ol’ fashion style going.

#13 Jamie King.

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How far would you go to get what you want, to achieve your dreams, to do more than you had ever imaged with your life? Jamie King was willing to go as far as it took to make in it the music business, even to hell and back, and he did, literally.

After years of struggling and playing shitty dives, with just his acoustic guitar to keep him company, it was becoming harder and harder for Jamie to see a light at the end of the tunnel. He spent his days driving in his beat up Ford to the next fifteen minute set with his name on it, and his evenings drinking until he was kicked out or passed out.

One night, during one of Jamie’s heavier drinking sessions, a man approached him. He wore a sleek black suit made by some famous Italian designer.  He said his name was Delvin, his business card claimed he worked for Pitchfork records.

That was all Jamie could remember in the morning when we woke up in the back seat of his car. He figured it must have been some kinda dream, his subconscious taunting him. That was until he found the business card in his back pocket. Scrawled across the back in red ink was a message that simply read, Jamie give me a call to discuss recording that E.P. Devlin.

The phone call was quick. Delvin asked how much he wanted this, Jamie told him it was all he wanted. They signed the paper work and Jamie was officially Delvin’s act.

Within six months Jamie was on tour supporting 7 Circles, this big time indie rock group from Detroit. Within the year he was on his own nationwide tour to support his album that Pitchfork records put out.

His career lasted four years, three E.Ps and one album, which went fucking platinum.  It ended on Jamie’s twenty seventh birthday, when Delvin came to collect.

See Jamie never read the fine print, why would he, he just wanted to make music more than anything. Turns out he’d made a deal with the devil. The price for his success? His eternal soul. He wasn’t the first and he wont be the last, a musician with so much to give, taken away at twenty seven.

This is the tale of how Jamie King went to hell. Now how he left again is a tale for another time.

11/13/2012: Zenn Zaran, Last of the Celestial Artificers

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NAME: Zenn Zaran  SPECIES: Celestial Artificer  ORIGIN: Unknown

Brilliant scientist, war hero, trans-universally acclaimed opera singer. Zenn Zaran is all of these things and far, far more. Were his life a book, the stories of a thousand lesser beings would barely fill the prologue. The last of an otherwise extinct species, Zenn Zaran is considered by many to be the most intelligent corporeal being in the known Multiverse. A celebrity without peer, he has grown reclusive, holing up in his mansion in Nexus City. No one has met with Zenn Zaran and spoken about it for over one hundred years, though he is occasionally sighted in Nexus City, flying on the back of his Scintillating Star Dragon, Magnifithrax.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending)

#13 Prince Valorius

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Here we have Prince Valorius, who has an insatiable appetite for women and laying around, or so he wants the general of the empire’s army to think. When it became clear to the Emperor that his son did not share the same Imperial goals, Valorius was sent to learn how great being in charge of an empire could be by leading the army. At first Valorius tried to stop all the imperial conquesting, but was thoroughly overruled by the general, who believed Valorius to be nothing more than a coward and a spoiled brat. Eventually, Valorius realized that the only power he actually had was in collecting all the captured women of the conquered cities onto his own “harem” to keep them away from the other soldier’s dubious tastes. The harem grew almost as large as the army itself, which gave Valorius and idea. He threw himself whole-heartedly into the role of a lazy, sex-crazed entitled brat all the while training the women of the harem to fight so that one day he could overthrow the general and bring about the changes that he wants to make.

Bonus character: Vaolrius’ head tactician Jacinda! She’s gotten Valorius to promise that when they take control of the army, she gets to take her personal revenge on the general.

Day 13: Elizabeth Ivor

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Day 13: Ben

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#11 Super Kid

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#13 – Arkvoodle

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This is Arkvoodle, a shardmind psion played by my buddy Brian.

For his description, I had this to work with: The Runes and elemental mist like this picture [of Runeborn Xerath] runes and element from the top picture attaches him together and this is his body build [picture of Marbled Malphite].

Factoring his size/strength and that he’s a shardmind, I had to splice those league dudes together with a few liberties of my own to crank out a legit proportioned Arkvoodle. In regards to his gotsumon-esque face, just based on how Arkvoodle has been during our tabletop sessions, I felt [during drawing this earlier] that’s how I pictured his shard-based(?) face to look.

Kinda goofy.

#12 – Tommy Shanks

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This is Tommy Shanks, a shade rogue played by my buddy Joe.

I had a lot of liberties with Tommy, mainly cause I didn’t have a written description for him, and all I can vaguely remember from our last kickback was something along the lines of him looking like Nightcrawler.

As a 1st level rogue with leather armor, a short sword and shurikens, I figured he should have a sort of ninja-esque look. But I didn’t want to make his setup too flashy.  A catsuit, some leather padding and a shanker.

Yeah. My bad on the late upload, scanner at work wasn’t poppin’ haha.

Day 13: Duke De Beerlandy IX

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The 9th Duke of Beerlandy, with his loyal Alfonso the hound dog, was the governor of the commitee where Franthithqo died. He was responsible for his squad’s death and therefore curse. Ok, the Duke is not alive anymore, but Mad Franthithqo will take eventually revenge on his great grandson: the governor of Legoland!

#9 Krampus

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#13 – Mourning Dove

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Mourning Dove is a Mi’kmaq (aka Micmac) medicine woman who works with the RCMP to solve cases with a supernatural element.  More then a naturalistic healer,  she knows real magic and uses it to protect the land from forces that wish to destroy it and its people.  She distrusts non-natives but is willing to work with them for the greater good.

Day 13: 21st Century Sandshark Studios presents: Plasmatastic

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21st Cetury Sandshark Studios Presents
In conjunction with THE 30 CHARACTER IN 30 DAY CHALLENGE
A Dan Nokes Happening…
Day 13
Character Biography-
Muriel Thompson was born in August of 1940 to Dennis and May Thompson in Menlowe Park, New Jersey. Both parents were commercial pilots, and both served in World War II in various capacities. Muriel was from an early age taught how to fly a plane and by the age of 16 had already aquired a pilot’s liscence.
She attempted to join the air force as a pilot but was quickly shot down by policy makers. She was then contacted by the Army who promised her a flight commission in return for participation in an experiment in an attempt to revive the Olympus Project to make super soldiers in the 1930’s and 40’s. She accepted and underwent the process after basic and officer’s training. She emerged a 2nd Leutenut and with the power to create and manipultate energy bolts. Codenamed PLASMATASTIC she joined several other test subjects to form the US Government controlled costumed adventurers known as THE DIVISION.
The group enjoyed a decade plus run in the 60’s and 70’s before being cut short during a battle against a space faring world conquerer named Ghor the Ahnililator. They managed to turn back his forces. But not before most of the group, along with Plasmatastic and many other heroes, villains, soldiers and civilians were killed in the asuing battle…

#13 Throckmorton P. Moneybears

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