#13 – Idol (Alyson Kerr)

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19-year-old Alyson is a acolyte of the age of reality television. Self-absorbed, epitomizing empty narcissism and monstrously self-absorbed, Alyson is determined to do whatever it takes to make herself the single most famous superhero on the planet. She vamps, she whines, she positions herself as a role model for children to look up to, decrying any criticism of her style and life as “haters” intent on “bullying” her and her fans. It’s hard to tell how much of Alyson’s persona is a knowing creation, and how much is genuine self-delusion.

Alyson carries herself like a nymphet, and dresses to match. Much of her persona can be described as “provocative”. She sees everything in life as drama, or an event with the potential for it. She is always “on”, alternating between needlessly insulting others to taking on the role of a faux-humanitarian interested in bettering the lives of all.

Whereas established heroes already have the fame, Alyson still isn’t any better than a C (or really, D-list) hero and celebrity, but her drive and desire to reach that rarefied air is undeniable. Every time she does her supposed “job” is a chance to be seen doing it, to tweet it, to Instagram it. Fame is life for her, and the pursuit of it is never-ending.

Alyson’s own abilities are pretty unremarkable on the grand scale of heroes. She is capable of drawing energy from a variety of sources, and channeling into another tool or into energy blasts, but her potential upside has never seemed quite high. As such, Alyson has generally shied away from the day-to-day grind of being a hero, having become a fixture in the reality-TV side of the business.


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