#13 Tokuman

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Real name:  Joe Tasmaji

Height: 6’0

Weight: 198 lbs.  Race:Japanese/Hispanic

Age: 27 Location: New York, NY

Joe is an accomplished artist and a part time martial artist working at his uncle’s Dojo on the Lower East Side. One day he found that he has the power to become a guardian to fight for justice. He was given a belt and  can transform into Tokuman, one of the 12 guardians of the Tokumagu, warriors of an ancient warrior race that existed before humans.

Powers: hand to hand combat, martial art skills, endurance, using weapons upon command, etc.

Personality: Sarcastic, able to pull off anything he puts his mind to.

Category: 2012, Participants, Scifi, Superhero

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Just an artist creating a large amount of artistic things in a world of possible destruction.

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