#5 Warrant Officer Marsh Keaton

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#5 Warrant Officer Marsh Keaton

Join the Colonial Corps of Fabricators, they said. It’s the military lite. No fighting, just programing. Getting nanobots to make specialized parts. A pretty kushy gig, they said.

And for four Terran cycles, it pretty much was. Being stationed on the under developed outpost planet of Rebus XI was almost like getting sent to a desert island paradise. Deep within Colonial territory, it was right next to a wormhole relay hub, & only recently on the up & up as a tourist destination. There never seemed like any chance of the fight coming to them. But it did.

It was quick & brutal, blitzkrieged by an unknown alien force. Word amongst the survivors is they took over the relay hub first & then the Rebus system, putting a choke hold on the whole supply line. Now it’s up to the Colonial Corps of Fabricators to turn their nanomachines into weapons & become a resistance. Stranded light years away from reinforcements, their only option is to fight.


I’ve got a couple ready to post & I’ll have them up soonish. Here are two in relatively quick succession. This character was a guy I just started sketching without much of jump off. I veered kind of rockabilly with the hair & some of the tats. The story came later, & borrows elements of a story idea I’ve been trying to turn into something for a bit now. Something a little Die Hard like about dudes using Nanotech bombs that eat away at everything, but then somehow needing to make a break for it before it ate them too.

I opted for blue camo, not out of an urban setting but thinking instead of photosynthetic plantlife, the planet he’s stationed on is filled with cyanobacteria. I don’t know why he’s got the note pad thing happening on his left leg given he’s got a super computer built into that gauntlet he’s got. I assume the lens on the back of his hands shoots holograms that he uses to control nanobots. Also I think his name is terrible, but whatever. I’ll have another up shortly after writing its description.

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