9 – Janilla, the Lost Maid of the Mountains

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Her story is unknown save for anecdotal encounters describing a ghost- like maiden in the Western Cruth and the Anisat Mountains. One of those stories speaks of an ethereal woman, or a group of women, that were found standing amongst the remains of dozens of destroyed Ghul Warriors, the signs of a great battle all around. The woman, or women, seemed dazed, disoriented, wounded. But before the chroniclers could approach them closer, the woman, or the women, sliped away… each of the chroniclers claims a diferent story. But they all agree that the maid, or maidens, looked as you see this one now.

Her being sighted on the abandoned roadways leading to Scarabus has led the learned of that town to send word to the guilds and places of learning, that something is afoot.

It seems that the Cruth is, of a sudden, releasing all of it’s horrors in the passing of the Rain of Blue Fire.

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