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Ocean#14- Untitled monster

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Toe in love

” My toe is in love with my speech bubble? HA. Now that’s funny! “

Day 14: Mr.Quaker

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“I didn’t see nothin’…just doin’ me job.” -Mr.Quaker

Mr.Quaker has been the janitor of Snitch’s national park longer than anyone can remember. For years, the old man has wandered between the forest and the highway cleaning various visitor stations such as the cafe, the picnic tables, bathrooms,etc. For years, despite Fig’s constant night raids and other bizarre things that rustle around in the forest, Mr.Quaker has claimed that he has not seen a single thing out of the ordinary during his job and he is just doing his job.

However, It is hard to believe the old man’s claim. Mr.Quaker is filled with paranoia and PTSD-like symptoms, proofing that poor gent has seen a lot of something not to his liking.

Also, Mr.Quaker is physically incapable of missing anything due to his long, piecing stare . According to his doctor records, the old man has not blinked since witnessing the Texas City Disaster in 1947. His never-shutting dried eyes is the very reason why he was hired to mind the grounds in the first place.

Fig makes sure say hello to the frightened old man whenever he can.

“It can’t just pass him by.  The stimulation is what’s keeping him alive.” -Fig

The local authorities would like to note that a certain faun is “a complete asshat” and polite supernatural inhabitants of the forest should leave Mr.Quaker be….PLEASE.

“Seriously! When he kneels over from a heart attack, I’M the one that has to go to the funeral and look his kids in the face! Don’t do it!” -Snitch

Day 14-Far

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Ken Jackson was a mechanic at a string factory. One day while trying to remove a strange object that gotten stuck in the gears of one of the machines he fell into the machine. When he finally got himself out he discovered his body was now made of string. He also discovered he could control the string to allow himself to stretch great distances and to form his body into different things. Not being the most creative person Ken decided to take the hero name of Far due to hi ability to stretch really far if he wanted to. As Far, Ken now keeps crime tied up in knots.

Day 14. The “C” Dude

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The “C” Dude

This guy is obviously inspired by one of my favorite late night show hosts “Conan O’Brien”!!

#6 Patch The Sailor Man

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The character was  inspired by popeye the sailor man. Patch is an ex navy officer. Patch love to go to gentlemen clubs, he love to drink wild turkey and get into bar fights, smoke the fines tobacco.


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Guardian of the People!

#5 RA King Of The Jungle

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This character was inspired by George of the jungle.

#13 Rosie-Grace Flowerface

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Rosie-Grace Flowerface  needs a bit of help standing as she grows older.

#14 Summerman

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Name: Summerman, Sam Wilson

Place of origin: Washington D.C., USA

Occupation: Superhero

Legal status: Citizen of good standing of the USA

Identity: Public

Marital status: Single

Known relatives: Mother Bamidele Wislon, Adopted brother plant clone Adongo Wilson aka Grassblade

Group affiliation: Seasonals, Cohort of Champions

Base of operations: Solstice Tower, Washington D.C., USA

History: Sam Wilson was born with his powers. Continue Reading

“#[Hello strange!]” Day 14

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#9 Wimo

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#12 Desmond

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#14- Kllrrttz

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#14 Koji-kun

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Val G. (nittoai)

#14 White Magnetic Dog

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White Magnetic Dog has a good heart and abundant loyalty. He rescues kittens from abandon buildings and has honored himself with the righteous duty of finding the little kitties good homes. He has won a plethora of good samaritan rewards as we can see by his tasty pile of doggie treats, tennis balls, stuffed animals, and stinky socks.

White Magnetic Dog would like to say, “I unify in order to Love, attracting loyalty. I seal the process of Heart with the magnetic tone of purpose. I am guided by my own power doubled.”


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#10 The Sightless One

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He has been fighting in battle for centuries.   You cannot count the number of enemies he has slain.  He can slay all, but see none.  Behold the Sightless One.

#6 Gravity

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I was thinking if I ever have kids I might name my daughter Gravity. But since that would be a jerk move I opted to name a fictional character Gravity instead. She still hates it of course, but at least now she’s mad at her fictional parents about it and not me.

A serious girl, it’s very difficult to get a laugh or a smile out of Gravity. Also, she tends to resort to sarcasm a lot.

#14 Craig O’Connell

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Craig O’Connell is a salesman that currently specializes in the latest and greatest technological innovations. His clientele of the moment is the surplus of amateur archaeologists in Egypt, to whom he sells machines that aid in excavation, which are usually very fast, very loud and very destructive. His only interest is in making a quick buck and he has little to no scruples about defacing the monuments of the ancients. This has made a quick enemy of Beryl Hartsford, who has nothing but reverence for the ancient monuments. Craig is able to annoy Beryl greatly by forming a tenuous friendship with her brother, due to Reggie’s fascination with Craig’s machines.

(By the way, I have no idea what the machine he’s leaning on is supposed to be, I just started drawing and out came that thing. Maybe it’s a power washer?)

DAY 14: 21st Century Sandshark Studios Presents-FLINTLOCK

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CHARACTER BIOGRAPHY: Jared “Flint” Locke was born in Wheeling, West Virginia in October of 1921.  His family were poor coal miners and had to survive off the land and other “less reputable” means of making due such as bootlegging.  Jared learned how to use a gun from the time he could walk, and by the age of 6 he was a crack shot with a rifle and handgun.  When World War II broke out, Jared and his brother Carl enlisted in the Marines.  Both brothers proved themselves in battle, Jared himself earning the rank of Gunnery Sergeant in the Pacific in less than 4 years and Master Gunnery Sergeant by the time he retired from the Marines in 1954.  Carl used his GI Bill to get a business degree from the University of West Virginia, while Jared enlisted in the FBI, where he became a sharpshooting instructor at the academy.  In 1960 he was abducted along with 4 others from across the globe by an undisclosed alien race, and experimented upon.  When they were returned, their memory had been tampered with, to where all they could recall was from a fractal dream-like state.

Within 24 hours Jared began exhibiting the strange powers to manipulate his arms and hands into organic guns and hand cannons that shoot out living bullets that become active upon contact with air, and explode upon impact.  Jared also felt a psychic link that drew him to the other 4 abductees.  Through a series of adventures, the individuals found each other and formed a group a costumed adventurers known as THE PHANTOM FIVE.  Over the next decade and a half, the group became one of the foremost super hero teams along with The Alliance of Super Heroes, and The Division that brought the second era of the metas lasting from 1953 to the mid 70’s.  This era ended when a world conquering galactic despot known as Ghor the Annihilator, invaded Earth in 1975.  The combined heroes and villains of our world managed to turn him back, but at a huge price.  Many people and metas lost their lives in the battle, including all but one of the Phantom Five were killed.  Most bodies were recovered or accounted for.  Jared Locke’s was not among them….


# 14 Lola

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Lola is always in a hurry and she’s very forgetful and distracted.

#14 – Tristam

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This is Tristam, a human rogue that I played in an adventure my cousin ran.

Since that adventure is over, he’s been demoted to hireling for a group of my players. Though as our games have progressed, he’s become more of a pet npc/go-to utility guy for the party (since their group lacks a rogue).

When I was playing him though, I wanted to make him more of a swashbuckler ala Prince Colwyn from Krull. But our adventure never got past a few sessions, so there wasn’t much room for development. His outfit/look was a straight bite off of Locke.

I suppose he’s living out his dream now since the current party he’s hired to adventure with owns a schooner. Nautical adventures for daaays.

#14 Chantelle

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Chantelle’s break is in ten minutes. Zombie Apocalypse or no.


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The Spicy Chilto

The Spicy Chllito

#13 & 14 – Helen and Pitrap

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The one thing you really need to be competitive in the world of ooze monsters is a hunting ground. Helen, an obsessive tinkerer and exceptionally driven third year student, is one of the most successful hunters because she’s managed to corner one of the most profitable hunting grounds in the city; the local dump. She uses her partner, Pitrap, to manipulate a network of vine-like appendages set throughout the junkyard, in order to quickly and efficiently hunt down the masses of ooze that get thrown away every day.

Of course, such a useful source of slime would hardly go unnoticed, and so Helen and her partner do have to be ready to defend their claim. Fighting Pitrap in its natural environment is more or less suicide; there’s no way to predict from which way you’ll be attacked when the entire junkyard is part of Pitrap’s network. But trying to corner this duo outside of the dump isn’t a great idea, either. Pitrap is far faster than it looks, can use its flexible limbs to climb sheer walls, and the leaves on its back can actually be extended to allow for limited gliding. Its huge size also adds a great deal of power to the whip-like strikes Pitrap uses as its main offensive tactic, and its big, bulbous body conceals multiple computer cores that can be easily shifted around inside the main bulk of the critter. All in all, these two are exceptionally dangerous competitors, and not to be taken lightly.

The keywords for these two were Animal, Tall, Cracked, Thorns, Storage, and Two pairs of wings. Aaaand yeah, I bent the definitions of these keywords nearly to the breaking point. ^^; The only one I really skipped was Cracked, which is okay by me; I seem to be skipping one keyword per set anyway.



#14 Vireo Corsant

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To the far east of the great and proud city of Saal is the jungle kingdom of the old race, the Ivory Elves. Living at one with nature in the magnificent yet dangerous jungles of Locaviurta, the ivory Elves are fearsome warriors and hunters, protective of their lands and traditions. Living under the darkened canopy of the jungle has left their skin ivory white, and their eyes perfect for low light conditions. Tall and lean the elves are an intimidating site to behold.

The elves are a rare site outside of the Locaviurta jungle, however each elf is given the choice to leave and explore the world at the age of maturity. Most return home within a year, others find a new life in the other realms and free cities.

The Ivory Elves live in large tribal communities, but are all look to one elf, chosen by the people as their leader. Vireo Corsant was that leader.

A migration of storm Trolls had moved down from their mountain home to the jungle in search of food. Their numbers had grown too large to all be supported by the mountainous regions. The trolls had been eating livestock, elven mounts and even a few elves out on hunts. The outcry of the Elves for justice and retribution for their lost brothers and sisters, lead Vireo to gather a band of his most fearsome warriors together. They headed out to confront the Trolls.

Within a day of tracking them the band of elves where set upon by the huge hulking Trolls. The battle was savage and brutal but over fast. Out numbered and out powered by the Trolls only Vireo escaped with his life.

Returning to his tribe alone Vireo was exiled and stripped of his rank as leader. Left with nothing but his sword and loyal jungle cat mount, Greenshadow Vireo left.

From that day forth he pledged to wander the lands in hope of redeeming himself in the eyes of the Ivory Elves.

Forty years later Vireo and Greenshadow are passing through Saal on the trail of an Ogre when news of a King looking for an army sweeps through the city. Vireo hears all the tales of this great King Dontas Godart and feels a kinship with him.

Vireo decided at once that helping this man is the new path he must take. For if Dontas can return home proud to his people, there is hope still for Vireo.

#14 Child Illustration

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Here is the last of the digitally painted drawings. Tomorrow it’s back to the pencil drawings!

#14 Lady Virtue

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#14 Mr. Action

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Real name: Eric Mellsent

Height: 6’4

Weight:231 lbs. Age:32

Race: African-American

Location: Harlem, NYC

Eric is a director of a youth center in Harlem devoted to youth in trouble. As a child his anatomy was unusual.   He has the power to withstand any surface applied on him. Like getting hit by a car for instance, he can survive it.  Mr. Action can withstand anything that stands in his way.

Powers: Super strength, endurance. Personality: Positive and kind to those that deserve it.

Day 14: Captain Roger

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Captain Roger used to be a fully respectable captain of the navy, until he lost his eye and the other captains wanted him out. Then he became cruel, he killed all the captains wanted him out and became the most vicious pirate of the eleven Lego seas ever!  Arrr.

Plus his ultimate search is that of the fountain of the eternal youth! Have at thee Johnny Depp!