#13 & 14 – Helen and Pitrap

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The one thing you really need to be competitive in the world of ooze monsters is a hunting ground. Helen, an obsessive tinkerer and exceptionally driven third year student, is one of the most successful hunters because she’s managed to corner one of the most profitable hunting grounds in the city; the local dump. She uses her partner, Pitrap, to manipulate a network of vine-like appendages set throughout the junkyard, in order to quickly and efficiently hunt down the masses of ooze that get thrown away every day.

Of course, such a useful source of slime would hardly go unnoticed, and so Helen and her partner do have to be ready to defend their claim. Fighting Pitrap in its natural environment is more or less suicide; there’s no way to predict from which way you’ll be attacked when the entire junkyard is part of Pitrap’s network. But trying to corner this duo outside of the dump isn’t a great idea, either. Pitrap is far faster than it looks, can use its flexible limbs to climb sheer walls, and the leaves on its back can actually be extended to allow for limited gliding. Its huge size also adds a great deal of power to the whip-like strikes Pitrap uses as its main offensive tactic, and its big, bulbous body conceals multiple computer cores that can be easily shifted around inside the main bulk of the critter. All in all, these two are exceptionally dangerous competitors, and not to be taken lightly.

The keywords for these two were Animal, Tall, Cracked, Thorns, Storage, and Two pairs of wings. Aaaand yeah, I bent the definitions of these keywords nearly to the breaking point. ^^; The only one I really skipped was Cracked, which is okay by me; I seem to be skipping one keyword per set anyway.



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