#15 Grassblade

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Names: Grassblade, Adongo Wilson

Place of origin: Amazon Forest, Brazel

Occupation: Crimefighter

Legal status: Citizen of good standing of the USA, legally too young to be eligible to vote

Identity: Public

Marital status: Single

Known relatives: Adopted brother sort of cloned from Sam Wilson aka Summerman, Adopted Mother Bamidele Wislon

Group affiliation: Seasonals, Cohort of Champions

Base of operations: Solstice Tower

History: Grassblade was designed by the genetically distorted supervillain Genecrop to defeat Summerman. Stuffed full of Super-Chlorophyll, Grassblade can convert most forms of energy into organic matter. In addition to puply green tissue, he can also grow wooden flesh and poisons. As he has grown more sophisticated, he has discovered he can produce almost any organic feature, from bone and muscle, to exotic compounds like hormones and medicines, to small quantities of pure minerals like limestone and diamonds.

Grassblade was supposed to use his Super-Chlorophyll to absorb Summerman’s attacks and turn that energy back on Summerman. Genecrop had also made Grassblade capable of learning, so Summerman would not be able to stump him with anything complicated. When Grassblade finally fought Summerman, the combination did not result in what Genecrop had expected. Instead of ferociously trying to kill Summerman, Grassblade played with him much like a puppy. Grassblade would roughhouse with a bit and then sit back, waiting to see how Summerman would react. The interaction devolved into a mirror exercise with Summerman performing an action and Grassblade trying to replicate it. By the time the rest of the Seasonals had wrapped up Genecrop, Grassblade had turned himself into a green duplicate of Summerman and was following along at the superhero’s heels. Summerman was not thrilled about keeping a creature around that had been designed to kill him, but Harvest, one of his fellow Seasonals, insisted that was the only correct course of action. After all, Grassblade had caused no harm despite being explicitly designed to and seemed smart enough that destroying him out of hand seemed cruel.

The Seasonals had underestimated how smart Grassblade actually was. He was infant-like in his ignorance, at the early stages of learning rather than near his peak. All of the Seasonals and Summerman’s mother, Bamidele, took turns teaching him things. When the Seasonals left him in Bamidele’s care while they went on a mission and then the Carrion Men attacked Solstice tower, Grassblade used what he had learned to defeat them all, sparing their lives only at Bamidele’s insistence. After that, the Seasonals started taking him out as Summerman’s sidekick until they considered Grassblade a full member of their team as his own person.

Grassblade generally takes the form of a younger, slimmer Summerman with green flesh. He can quickly grow additional material but finds civilians tend to be more comfortable he maintains a human form. He generally fights with a wooden sword than has been enchanted by Harvest to never lose its cutting edge.

Despite not yet being old enough to vote, Grassblade has managed to have an intense superhero career.

He has a vicious relationship with Mad Rat Mad, who has repeatedly tried to kill the civilians in Grassblade’s life. Grassblade takes seriously Summerman’s insistence that heroes do not kill, but Grassblade considers leaving Mad Rat Mad maimed a public service.

Grassblade finds the mercenary Rex Rabbit incredibly annoying. Grassblade has dedicated himself to defending humanity while Rex is only technically retired from killing armed people for money. On the other hand, Rex is impressed by Grassblade’s lethal fighting ability but bored by the fact that Grassblade does not use it to kill. To complicate their relationship, Rex’s sidekick Rabbitpunch has a huge crush on Grassblade.

While Summerman fought Supernova Stag during the Cosmic Stag Conflagration, Grassblade shielded the city of Washington from their fight by growing an enormous plant dome over the town using the energy being thrown off by Summerman and the Stag.

Story role: Protagonist. A Batman archetype to Summerman’s Superman, Grassblade goes out of his way not to kill to avoid being seen as a monster rather than being driven by a need for justice.

Height: Very tall

Body type: Athletic – martial artist

Known Powers: Stores most forms of energy by converting them with his Super-Chlorophyll. Can rapidly grow additional organic material, especially plant matter. Can produce any form of matter known to be produced by things using DNA. Expert in martial arts taught to him by the members of the Seasonals.

Limitations: He is still young, so Grassblade sometimes makes mistakes from simple ignorance. His strength is limited by the materials he can make and the speed he can grow them.

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